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Matthew Moore

Matthew Moore (美国 US)


欢迎来到urbanplough.com,我的名字是Matthew Moore,我是家族里第四代在亚利桑那州凤凰城外的家族田地里耕种的人。在五年内我的家所处地已经变成了郊区。在这个网站,你可以找到我怎样使用农作 物、视频和装置作为艺术手段来记录和翻译这种变化。虽然我家的土地损失并不是我工作的唯一重点,但它确是我使用艺术更好地去谈论环境和经济可持续性问题的 开始。

“Welcome to urbanplough.com, my name is Matthew Moore and I am the last of four generations to farm my family’s land outside of Phoenix, AZ. Within five years, my home (this land) will transform into suburbia. In this site you can explore how I have documented and translated this development using art, in the form of earthworks, video and installation. While the loss of my family’s land is not the sole focus of my work, it certainly has initiated my greater exploration of using art to address environmental and economic sustainability issues.”

Rotations: Moore Estates
6/2005 – 7/2006


“In October of 2004, my grandfather sold the first portion of our family’s land to Taylor Woodrow for a 253 home suburban community. This is the planned lot map that was submitted to the city of Surprise. I acquired this map from the city and used as the template for the design of my next land artwork entitled Rotations: Moore Estates.

The site for the earthwork was chosen in its relation to the actual building area of the development. I mapped out Moore Estates at a third scale using a CAD program and a GPS surveying crew.

The 253 homes were planted in Sorghum, abd the roads were seeded wheat.”

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