Hello, Vegetable! 你吃了吗?

Sarah Lewison

Sarah Lewison (美国 US)

“Sarah Lewison is an interdisciplinary artist who works with projects that articulate mediated power relations and the status quo roles of spectators, producers and raw materials.”

Sarah Lewison是一个跨学科的艺术家,从事阐明介导的权力关系和表明观众、生产者、原料等角色的现状的项目。

Project: World Heritage Beer Garden Picnic (2008)


World Heritage Beer Garden Picnic (2010–ongoing), a project to mycellate the countryside of Lijiang in Yunnan, China.
and to develop solutions for making better use of the sun’s energy.


A picnic is a time to drink and feast and rest and reflect.
We want to know, what will we eat at the picnic of the future? Where will it come from?
It is possible to have a picnic that feeds and cares for the forests and water and soil, and also the humans?”


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