Hello, Vegetable! 你吃了吗?

Fallen Fruit

Fallen Fruit (美国 USA)

United Fruit (2008)
Multi-media installation

Fallen Fruit使用水果作为我们的镜头,对城市空间、邻里观念和当地居民与社区的新形式进行考查。从对新的城市绿色空间的抗议到倡议,我们的目标是重新配置有 资源和无资源人之间的关系,审视城市中的自然,探索新的土地使用与所有权的共享形式。Fallen Fruit作为一个艺术合作体是从创作公共水果的地图开始的,即水果树在Los Angeles公共空间内的生长。

随着时间的推移,我们 的兴趣从公共水果的地图制作扩展到包括:Public Fruit Jams(我们邀请市民带来他们自己种的或者共同的水果并加入到制作水果酱的社区中来);Nocturnal Fruit Forages(夜间街道水果之旅);Community Fruit Tree Plantings(在私人空间的边界和公共花园内的水果树种植);Public Fruit Park(在Hollywood,Los Feliz以及LA的市中心的公共水果公园的倡议);Neighborhood Infusions(获取在街道上发现的水果并把它注入到酒精中去捕捉空间的灵魂)。

“Using fruit as our lens, Fallen Fruit investigates urban space, ideas of neighborhood and new forms of located citizenship and community. From protests to proposals for new urban green spaces, we aim to reconfigure the relation between those who have resources and those who do not, to examine the nature of & in the city, and to investigate new, shared forms of land use and property. Fallen Fruit is an art collaboration that began with creating maps of public fruit: the fruit trees growing on or over public property in Los Angeles.

Over time our interests have expanded from mapping public fruit to include Public Fruit Jams in which we invite the citizens to bring homegrown or public fruit and join in communal jam-making; Nocturnal Fruit Forages, nighttime neighborhood fruit tours; Community Fruit Tree Plantings on the margins of private property and in community gardens; Public Fruit Park proposals in Hollywood, Los Feliz and downtown LA; and Neighborhood Infusions, taking the fruit found on one street and infusing it in alcohol to capture the spirit of the place.”

Public Fruit Jam (2006-ongoing)
Jam-making workshop with members of public who bring their own fruit from their homes or picked from the street and mix with strangers to make new varieties.

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