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Country Fair 集市

集市 Country Fair (中国 CN)

北京有机农夫市集(Country Fair)由一群关注生态农业和三农问题的消费者志愿发起,旨在搭建一个平台,让从事有机农业的农户能够和消费者直接沟通、交流,既帮助消费者找到安全、 放心的产品,也帮助农户拓宽市场渠道,鼓励更多农户从事有机农业,从而减少化肥和农药带来的环境污染、维护食品安全、实践公平贸易。自2010年9月以来,北京有机农夫市集已经举办了多届,分别在海淀区、东城区、朝阳区和西城区举办。

“What is Country Fair?
Country Fair is a farmers’ market started by a group of volunteers – Beijing consumers – who are interested in supporting sustainable agriculture and rural-urban mutual aid.  We wanted to create a platform for exchange and education and a space to buy safe, healthy food.  We hope to support farmers who are already growing organic, and to encourage other farmers who might be interested in making the transition.  We’ve been holding markets as often as we can since September 2010.”


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