Hello, Vegetable! 你吃了吗?



Images from FEAST #5


每一次的盛宴上,参与者花20美元获得 一份晚餐和一张选票。晚上,参与者观看一系列的项目提议,并与艺术家交流观点。参加者给他们最喜欢的提议投票,最后获得最多选票的艺术家将得到当晚所有的 门票钱。从2009年起,FEAST Brooklyn已经组织了10次晚宴,赞助了很多项目,筹集了超过15,000美元的钱。同时,全国各地开始出现类似的模式,从而一个组织网络建立起 来,开始重新思考怎样为艺术筹款及被群体体验。

“FEAST (Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics) is a recurring public dinner designed to use community-driven financial support to democratically fund new and emerging art makers.

At each FEAST, patrons give a $20 donation for which they receive supper and a ballot. Diners spend the evening reviewing a series of project proposals and conversing with the artists behind each idea. Attendees cast a vote for their favorite proposal, and by the end of the night, the artist who garners the most votes is awarded a grant comprised of that evening’s door money. Since 2009, FEAST Brooklyn has produced 10 dinners, funded dozens of projects and raised over $15,000. Meanwhile, similar models have emerged all over the country, resulting in a network of organizations committed to rethinking how art is financed and communally experienced.”

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