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Grizedale Arts

Grizedale Arts (英国 UK)

坐落在英国湖区国家公园的Grizedale Arts 已经存在了十年,在探索新的艺术生产和展览方式上享有盛誉。相比于传统的机构,相对于英国的土地艺术运动,在GA的历史中,它既没有自己的工作室也没有展 览空间,但是利用社会文化和经济网络给艺术家提供了机会实现并超越他们的项目。Lawson Park是一个历史悠久的山丘农场,是我们关于居住项目的基地。在2008-2009年间由Sutherland Hussey建筑师翻新。


花园——当前的花园由艺术家Karen Guthrie及GA的参与团队合力创建;
收集——Lawson Park收集品装饰了这些建筑并体现了英国设计的主观历史。

“Based in the English Lake District National Park, Grizedale Arts has over the last decade acquired a significant reputation for pioneering new approaches to artistic production and exhibition. In contrast to traditional institutions and, indeed, to its own history in the UK land art movement, GA has neither studios nor exhibition space, but rather provides artists with the opportunity to realise projects using the social, cultural and economic networks of the area and beyond.

Lawson Park is an historic hill farm that is the base for our programme of residencies and projects. It was refurbished in 2008-2009 by Sutherland Hussey architects.

We see the farm as an artwork in progress: socially engaged, confrontational, productive and creative, accessed through its many facets:

History – An evolution from 1338 that demonstrates the complex nature and culture of the Lake District;
Land – A range of projects that propose and trial new approaches to land use, agriculture, lifestyle and ecology;
Building – The story of the farm’s redevelopment as a new model art institution;
Gardens – The present-day gardens created by artist Karen Guthrie and a team of Grizedale Arts participants;
Collection – The Lawson Park Collection furnishes the buildings and tells a subjective history of British Design.”

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