Hello, Vegetable! 你吃了吗?

Fritz Haeg

Fritz Haeg (美国 USA)


“Fritz Haeg’s EDIBLE ESTATES is an ongoing initiative to create a series of regional prototype gardens that replace domestic front lawns and other unused spaces in front of homes with places for families to grow their own food. The eight gardens planted thus far have been established in cities across the United States and England. Adventurous residents in each town have offered their front lawns as working prototypes for their regions.”

Fritz Haeg’s EDIBLE ESTATES是创造一系列地区样板花园的艺术实践,替代屋前草坪及其他没有使用的空间去种植自己的食物。到目前为止,在美国和英国已经有八个这样的花园在城市中产生了。每个城镇中有冒险精神的居民提供他们的屋前草坪作为样板。

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