Hello, Vegetable! 你吃了吗?

Critical Art Ensemble, Beatriz da Costa and Shyh-shiun Shyu

Critical Art Ensemble with Beatriz da Costa and Shyh-shiun Shyu (美国 USA)



Free Range Grain是一个现场的行为,使用基本的分子生物学技术检测全球食物贸易中的转基因食物。CAE希望通过这些干预行为来表明这些全球贸易中的“平滑空间”也是存在官方声明已防止的污染物的。

CAE/da Costa/Shyu运作了一个可移动的公共实验室来检测一般的转基因食物。公众带来他们觉得可疑的食物,我们检测食物,在72小时之后再来看看这些怀疑是否公正。

“Free Range Grain was a live, performative action that used basic molecular biology techniques to test for genetically modified food in the global food trade. CAE wanted this interventionist performance to demonstrate how the “smooth space” of global trade enables the very “contaminations” the authorities say it guards against. CAE/da Costa/Shyu constructed a portable, public lab to test foods for common genetic modifications. Members of the public brought us foods that they found suspect for whatever reason, and we tested them over a 72-hour period to see if their suspicions were justified.”

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