Hello, Vegetable! 你吃了吗?


Esther Polak with collaborators (荷兰 NL)
Project: NOMADIC MILK 游牧牛奶 (尼日利亚 Nigeria, 2009)

The sand drawing tool 沙画工具



Diagram showing how the sand drawings work 图解沙画工作原理

Installation view 装置展示

“The NomadicMILK art project tracks the daily routes of two milk related economies in Nigeria, between January and December 2009. It follows the movements of Mr. Idiris, a cowherd, and his family during the dry season. It also follows the distribution of PEAK milk, one of the best-known brands of powdered and condensed milk in Nigeria. The routes are traced by GPS, and drawings of each route are made on the ground, using a custom-developed GPS drawing robot. This way we can easily discuss the routes with the people involved.”


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