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Mildred’s Lane

Mildred’s Lane (美国 USA)

是艺术家Mark Dion, J. Morgan Puett 以及他们的联营公司之间的协作项目。这个项目是在大规模项目中的一个长期实验、研究以及以一个活动博物馆和附属教育机构为基础实践的事件。项目实践的核心及Mildred’s Lane的教育哲学是努力合作创造新的生存模式–这个想法包括了我们与环境的关系、劳动制度、住宅形式,新的社会性——所有这些都组成了构造伦理——并 且体现在工作形式当中。作为Mildred’s Lane的参与者,这些问题每天都将被重新考虑,通过对一个人在食物、逛商场、制作、造型、游戏、睡觉、阅读、思考和行动中的参与性的再思考。这是一个项 目,也是一个致力于创造关于生活的各个方面严谨态度的工作-生活-研究的场所。完整的课程是作为一种实践建立在实验性再思考之上的。

“Mildred’s Lane is collaboration between artists Mark Dion, J. Morgan Puett and their associates. This Project is a long-term experiment in large-scale project, research and event based practices with a living museum and an educational institution attached. Mildred’s Lane  The core of the project practice and educational philosophy at Mildred’s Lane is an attempt to collectively create new modes of being in the world — this idea incorporates questions of our relation to the environment, systems of labor, forms of dwelling, new sociality- all of which compose an ethics of comportment – and are embodied in workstyles. As a participant at Mildred’s Lane these issues will be negotiated daily through the rethinking of one’s involvements with food, shopping, making, styling, gaming, sleeping, reading, thinking and doing. This is a program and a place where a work-live-research environment is developed to foster a rigorous engagement with every aspect of life. The entire curriculum is based on experimentally rethinking being as a practice.”

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