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My Villages (德国/荷兰 DE/NL)

Myvillages.org是一次国际性的艺术家倡议组织,由Kathrin Böhm (Ger/UK), Wapke Feenstra (NL) 及 Antje Schiffers (D)在2003年成立。我们的兴趣是作为空间及文化产品的农村。我们每个人语境的不同和“我们都来自小村庄”的共同事实促成了 Myvillages.org的共同目标。Myvillages.org的活动范围从小规模的非正式演讲到长期的协作研究项目,从在私人空间里工作到公共 会议,从展览到出版物,从私人问题到公共讨论均有涉及。

“myvillages.org is an international artist initiative, founded in 2003 by Kathrin Böhm (Ger/UK), Wapke Feenstra (NL) and Antje Schiffers (D). Our interest is the rural as a space for and of cultural production. The collective aims of myvillages.org are informed by the contextual nature of our individual practices and the autobiographical fact that we all come from small villages.
myvillages.org activities range from small scale informal presentations to long term collaborative research projects, from work in private spaces to public conferences, from exhibitions to publications and from personal questions to public debate.”


Höferwaren (2010)
Local fruit baked in clay from the village Höfer presented in a workshop and market stall as part of a 10-year project in the village.


International Village Shop (2010–ongoing)
An international network of temporary local village markets, featuring narratives and documentation of how each product is made.

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