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Kultivator是一个包括有机农业和视觉艺术实践的实验性合作社,坐落于Dyestad乡村,瑞典东南海岸的Öland岛上。通过在活跃的农 业社区附近的废弃农场设备里安装固定功能,Kultivator提供了一个会面与工作的空间,这表明了粮食生产与艺术实践,混凝土与抽象生存过程之间的相 似之处。Kultivator 旨在倡导并实现理想主义和现实主义之间的交流和对话,希望可以产生行之有效合作形式。

Kultivator is an experimental cooperation of organic farming and visual art practice, situated in rural village Dyestad, on the island Öland on the southeast coast of Sweden. By installing certain functions in abandoned farm facilities, near to the active agriculture community, Kultivator provide a meeting and working space that points out the parallels between provision production and art practice, between concrete and abstract processes for survival. Kultivator initiates and executes meetings between idealism and realism, hoping that fruitful cooperation’s should take form.

Mobile Chickenhouse (2007)
Workshop with design students to make a chicken house.


Dinner with Cows / 和牛一起吃饭 (2005)
Event in which audience dines with cows.

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