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Fernando García Dory

Fernando García-Dory (西班牙 SP)

Fernando García-Dory的作品专注于影响文化与自然关系的问题,体现在景观环境、农村、欲望和认同期望、危机、乌托邦以及社会变化等方面。

“Fernando García-Dory ‘s (b. 1978) work engages specifically with issues affecting the relation between culture-nature now,  embodied within the contexts of landscape, the rural, desires and expectations related with identity aspects, crisis, utopia and social change.”

Bionic Sheep (2006)

“The idea of Bionic Sheep project is to develop a solar-powered portable Flock´s Protection Ultrasounds Based System.”
Bionic Sheep项目的观念是发展一种仿生便携的以超声波检测为基础的羊群保护系统。这种方法解决了久远的“牧羊人和狼”的竞争与共存的问题。因此,野生动物和农民可以和谐共存。


Dream Farms (2009-)

“Professor Chan is probably the world expert on the sustainable recycling of waste and agro-ecological systems. Born in Mauritius in 1923 and trained as a Chemical Engineer, he tested and developed his ideas all over the world, especially on small isolated islands in the Pacific Ocean. (…) A book based on the materials I collected from his hard drives, CDs and files will be published under the title “Dream Farms”.”

Chan教授是可持续性材料 的世界专家,1923年在毛里求斯出生,培养成为一个化学工程师,他在全世界范围内实验和发展他的观点,特别是在太平洋的独立小岛上……一本包括所有我从他的硬盘、CD及文件中收集的材料即将出版,名为“梦想农场”。

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