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这种勇气本身影射着某种集体性,或在聚集与集中过程中滚雪球般的集体构建,“有种”是对于运动状态的描摹,意指自我在形成过程中的潜在能动,而非目标,即阿纲本的“潜力(之所以为力)之力”。 它以某混淆者的方式出场,对理解进行阻挠。与简单的自我满足相比,我们应将这种并置设想为一种在聚合中对内部与外部不做明显划分的共在(being-with, Mitsein)。因此“有种”必须是自我之概念形成与自我游离的重叠——即外在于内在中。我们是运动中的身体,并在运动中向身体运动,寻找着作为惊喜的不同与自由。就让我们的自治如是吧,即便这种自治是从某成文系统之中的绽出。暗示,惊喜。


了解更多《穿》杂志的信息,请查看这份PDF文件。 作为北京胡同中的一个项目空间而运作的家作坊经过反思,决定《穿》杂志将保持对本地的高度重视。 因着相似的实践、斗争和方法,“本地”的概念扩大至更广阔的范围,即通过链接、社区和共识审视日常生活和微型地域。我们期待您的消息。

Our ballsiness is a long time in the making. The crux of such a statement is cruxless, one thousand layers of pancake and complexity pickings through and through. One time last last summer, a spontaneous dialogue of seed erupted in quick, excited interpretation. Innuendos. But ballsiness sticks to the gut, and now we’re finally brave enough to say let’s try and put it all together.

Such bravery connotes a certain form of collectivity, as in concentrations or assemblages—the snowball rolling—but it is perhaps the making collective that comes to greater light here, as our call to “ballsy” is moreso a tracing of movement rather than a static form. Ballsy describes a potentiality in the same moment that it moves towards, not an ends but the constitution of itself as such, Agamben’s “potenza as potenza”. This occurs as a frustrating ‘ambiguitor’ of sorts. No mere self-satisfaction, we should consider the juxtaposition as a being-with that defines neither an interior nor an exterior in its coming together. Ballsy can only be the coincidence of the conceptual formation of the self along with its own departure—as in going beyond, extrinsically intrinsic. We are moving bodies, moving towards bodies and our own without end, finding difference and/or freedom as surprise. Let our autonomy then be as such, even in acknowledgement of those codified systems, still gifted as ecstasis. Innuendos. Surprise.

You are invited to submit a proposal for a contribution to the third issue of the independent journal wear. A broad spectrum of publishable formats are welcome in consideration of this issue’s heading theme: BALLSY. If you are interested to contribute, please contact HomeShop by 10 December with a 300-word description of your ideas, including the length and scope (e.g., medium, relation to the theme, etc.) of your proposed contribution. Guidelines for final submissions will be determined by the wear editors after selection. Final submission deadline is 22 January 2011.

For more information about wear journal, please download this PDF document. wear maintains a strong emphasis on the local, stemming from HomeShop’s reflections and work as a project space in the hutongs of Beijing. These considerations of the local extend geography to a larger scale, whereby parallel practices, struggles and approaches examine the daily and the micro-scale, through links, communities and common ground. We look forward to hearing from you.

3 Responses to “《穿》杂志第三期公开参加征集 WEAR journal number three open call for submissions”

  1. fei

    yes ballsy!! I’m so excited you’re going with this topic! Do you still have time / want to meet up about the design? Let me know!

  2. e

    would be great to have you involved, yes! we’re not at the design stages yet, but what is your schedule over the next to months so we can see how we can get together… are you around bj for christmasy-newyearsy-chunjiey good times?

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