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High Mountain, Flowing Water by ZHAO Tianji

(声音装置 / sound installation)

As requested, please find above the full audio recording from the last meeting with Grant KESTER. While we did not adhere too closely to the text this time, several common interests/curiosities, those inevitable questions and quite a bit of editorial juxtaposed with self-reflection from an optimist, a “former” artist, a cynic and several foodies provided interesting insight into politicization as a viewing mechanism, “multiple art worlds”, “nomadic agents of critique”, “spontaneity (not) as stupidity” and the weakness of opposition, among other flows…

We’ll continue with the fallout of relational/dialogical practices with a reading suggested by Michael EDDY—Claire BISHOP’s latest book entitled Artificial Hells: Participatory Art and the Politics of Spectatorship. Chapter 8, “Delegated Performance: Outsourcing Authenticity”, was suggested, but seeing as this book has been in wide circuit since its publishing and given our tendency to stray, perhaps another experiment could be attempted for each participant to read a chapter of interest and then introduce it to the rest of the group, as once attempted during the also relevant meeting “Modes of Activism“. What do you think? If you are interested to join this session of Happy Friends, to be held on

Sunday, 2 December 2012
18:00 at HomeShop

please send us an e-mail or leave a comment to this post in order to receive a copy of the reading, and let us know which of the following chapters floats your boat:

  1. The Social Turn: Collaboration and Its Discontents, p 11
  2. Artificial Hells: The Historic Avant-garde, p 41
  3. Je participe, tu participes, il participe . . . , p 77
  4. Social Sadism Made Explicit, p 105
  5. The Social Under Socialism, p 129
  6. Incidental People: APG and Community Arts, p 163
  7. Former West: Art as Project in the Early 1990s, p 193
  8. Delegated Performance: Outsourcing Authenticity, p 219
  9. Pedagogic Projects: ‘How do you bring a classroom to life as if it were a work of art?’, p 241

material captured during our Saturday deliveries of WEAR journal in Beijing city, otherwise known as 217.6 km later…:

早上 9:30 AM | 吴思远 Ray & 高灵 Ling | 菊儿胡同 Ju’er Hutong、左家庄 Zuojiazhuang、汉庭酒店(东直门外分店)HanTing Express Hotel (Dongzhimen Outer branch)

早上 10:00 AM | 何颖雅 Elaine & 小欧 Orianna | 清华大学美院 Tsinghua University, Fine Arts Department

早上 11:00 AM | 天汲 Tianji & 左罗 Zoro | 东直门外大街 Dongzhimen Outer Street

中午 12:00 PM | 王尘尘 Cici & 王大川 River | 东四八条 Dongsi8tiao、地安门 Dianmen、旧宫地铁站 Jiu Gong subway station

下午 1:00 PM | 高蓓 GAO Bei & 七朵云 Pilar | 苹果派社区 (东5和6环之间) Apple Pie Estates (between the 5th and 6th East Ring Roads)

下午 1:30 PM | 王若思 Rose & 森林 Céline | 望京 Wangjing、草厂地 Caochangdi

下午 2:00 PM | 欧阳潇 Xiao & 小欧 Orianna | 幸福西里 Xingfu Xili、东直门内 Dongzhimen Inner Street

下午 3:00 PM | 曲一箴 Twist & Katharina | 鼓楼西大街 Drum Tower West、鼓楼后面 Drum Tower North、鼓楼东大街 Drum Tower East

下午 3:00 PM | 张献民 Frank & 何颖雅 Elaine | 卢沟桥 Marco Polo Bridge、东五道口 Wudaokou、奥林匹克公园北门 North Gate of Olympic Park

Update你一下… Just a few updates

谢谢纽约新博物馆和《Art Asia Pacific》杂志,上个月收到他们一起出版的《艺术空间目录》!曲哥也用过当枕头,很实用!
Last month we received our copy of The New Museum & Art Asia Pacific‘s Art Spaces Directory. Thank you to all those who put in hard work to put it together, it’s a big book!

2010年被叫成“Life Stylists”之后,《明日风尚》给家作坊做了新定义:“Retail Star”。
After being called “Life Stylists” in 2010, MING magazine now gives new life to HomeShop. In June 2012, we are the “Retail Star”.

Thank you to SubJAM, Phil MINTON and Audrey CHEN for organizing HomeWorkShop No. 13 with us last week! Listen to a selected recording of the evening above.
(摄影 photo__ Michael EDDY)

2011年6月,Pilar和欧阳正在搬她从宜家买的床。Pilar and Xiao prepare to move the bed she bought from IKEA, June 2011. (摄影 photo__ 何颖雅 Elaine W. HO)

这周六30号家作坊将网上参加艺术家Laura YUILE和Orsoly BAJUSZ举办的“创意与策划实践舒适区:一个以特定场域会议”,在英国曼彻斯特市的宜家家具店。
On Saturday, 30 June, HomeShop will interweb-ly participate in the the “Site-Specific Symposium on Comfort Zones in Creative and Curatorial Practices” hosted by Laura YUILE and Orsolya BAJUSZ at the IKEA in Manchester, UK.

A few days ago, Xiao and Twist set the pet cricket ZENG Lin bought for us free. A few hours later and accompanying much squealing commotion, we discovered Small Park had orally captured the bug for lunch. “Brother QU likes life, but he keeps accidentally killing things.” (摄影 photo__ 何颖雅 Elaine W. HO)









Dear all:

Good to know you are still in town (despite of the PM 2.5 and traffic jam) and are stronger (that’s why you are here, i guess).
We spent some money in Hollywood for advertise our Miji Concert. You will see it from the scene of “agent O speaking alien language” in Men in Black 3.
So we present Phil MINTON and Audrey CHEN, masters of voice improvisation. You will know how human body extending to a magical instrument.

On June 20th at HomeShop there is a workshop for anyone who are interesting on voice, hold by Phil and Audrey. We start at 7:00 PM sharp.

On June 21st, at 2Kolegas. we start at 8:30 PM sharp.

Pls check attachment for details. Registration for the workshop is required, small pls help donation fee of 30 RMB.

Pls tell your friends in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xi’an as well. It’s a great news for new music lover. Pls make them happy.

家-工-作坊第13回由撒把芥末与家作坊组织。Home-Work-Shop No. 13 is organised by SUBjam and HomeShop.

家作坊语音导览中文版摘录 excerpt from the Chinese version of the HomeShop Audio Tour
家作坊语音导览英文版摘录 excerpt from the English version of the HomeShop Audio Tour

项目:家作坊独家提供的语音导览系统是一个为了更好地与新老朋友交流而准备的艺术项目,从本质上讲,它既是一种通过声音与话语进行的空间探索,也 同时是让人们更加直观地了解我们这个“机构”的一种手段。本项目对公众开放,每个人均可带上耳机在交道口北二条8号及周边区域漫步,聆听萦绕在空 间内的过去、现在及未来的声音。

耳机使用结束后应当完好归还。出于礼貌,我们希望您能完整地听完导览介绍,当然这不是强制性的, 如果前来参观的人们能够通过这个语音导览系统获得更丰富的信息和更具教育意义的体验那么我们的目的也就达成了。但是作为一项适合家庭的活动,它并不能保证 满足喜欢刨根问底的参观者所提出的每一个问题;在这种情况下,参观者可向任一房间内的任一位工作人员寻求帮助。


PROGRAM: Available exclusively on-site at HomeShop, the HomeShop Audio Tour is a new and exciting audio adventure introducing fresh visitors and old friends alike to the story of our would-be institution. All members of the public are welcome to stroll around the grounds at Jiaodaokou Beiertiao No. 8 with a headset, listening to the voices of the past, present and future animating the space.

Conditions of use: After borrowing a headset, individuals are responsible for returning it in good working order. It is polite to listen to the whole tour, but not compulsory. Taking part in the HomeShop Audio Tour does provide an informative and educating experience, but as an activity suitable for families, it is not guaranteed to satisfy every question posed by the most keenly inquisitive visitor. In such case, visitors are requested to kindly refer to one of the human attendants occupying any of HomeShop’s several rooms.

Price: basically free
Accessibility: available in English and Chinese
Enjoy the experience!

大胡叔叔跟英语母语的Orianna和汉语母语的王尘尘  Happy customer Uncle Long beard with native English speaker Orianna and native Chinese speaker Cici
工作样本 Work samples:
包子,油条,多肉多油 buns, fried doughsticks, meat heavy
金鱼,蝌蚪,多多蔬菜 goldfish, tadpole, lots of veg

简体介绍 Simplified version:

我们的翻译为您的:学术/非学术的目的、展示自己的目的(比如简历、媒体发布会等等)、乐趣以及轻微颠覆性的目的提供服务。可译语言:汉语、英语、蒙古语、意大利语、希腊语、日语。价格面议,边喝边聊。有意者请联系: lianxi@homeshop.org.cn

Translation services for academic and non-academic purposes, forms of representation, fun and/or mild subversion. Languages offered, in most directions to and from: Chinese, English, Mongolian, Italian, Greek, Japanese. Reasonable rates. Please contact lianxi[at]homeshop[dot]org[cn] for inquiries.


There are a few key figures that epitomise the zeitgeist, I think a few of you had speculated before, or at least sportsbabel and i on occasion, certain roles that have risen out of growing demand and/or fissures in the system, and next to the agents and hackers (more recent developments may also point to the rioter), we have not yet expounded upon the gentle maneuverings of the translator and acts of translation. Unlike many other things that we may so firmly believe in, like science, the happiness of fish or what is good and right, translation can only be based in the unconfirmable absolute, only the hearsay of peers who may deem you faithful enough, lying in a gap, what can only be roughly trustable by the ones in power who hire you.

And you? Just make sure you get paid 50% up front, and what have you got to lose? The translator is servant, perhaps, but these days we all know games of wit and cunning go far beyond elementary economics. We are at your service, and maybe even where it is not written in red chalk, there is a small feeling of up rising that we say maybe you should just go ahead and overlook, 嘿嘿… The translator is most efficacious the more imperceptibly he/she fits into the conversation, yet always with relation to listeners and foremost, the act of listening. The translator’s voice, according to a certain ethics, should remain as quiet as possible, such that written and spoken words are shared in as large a ratio of sound to original meaning as possible. And while we must acknowledge the impossibility of a 1:1, perse, it is in the multitude of fractions there below that we come upon all the real uncertainties at hand: the betrayal of context, incoherency, nervous laughter here and there.

The elitism of bilingualism should always be countered in light of such inevitable failure, as we can never learn enough, and its power always rests upon a precipice of meaning gone astray. These measures of maneuverability and risk characterise all of our leading players (see the recent Žižek article for more thoughts on the rioter), though intent and affect vary to extremes. Among them, it seems possible that it is the translator who may strive for invisibility to the greatest degree—as opposed to the hacker who must remain anonymous as author but strives for the greatest possible effect, and the agent whose effects may not remain but must work productively as a skimmer of surplus, facilitating and enhancing the means towards an end. A sense of value judgement should perhaps never predicate the translator’s work, but as per any freelancer’s dilemma, we must be able to bear it, at least, and especially in the case of literature, be able to find the aesthetics appropriate to certain affects in their original form. To find an aesthetics without judgement is crucial here—paradoxes notwithstanding… a case for the tensions between aesthetics and invisibility made active in a course of doing, creating. Work, motherfucker, work.

第六届茶壶展览 * Teapot exhibition 6 | Pilar ESCUDER

由Pilar Escuder和Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga表演的茶道仪式
A tea ceremony with Pilar ESCUDER and Fotini LAZARIDOU-HATZIGOGA


Sunday, 5 June 2011 – Sunday, 12 June 2011


OPENING: Sunday, June 5th, from 14.00
featuring free distribution of project sound map and guides at HomeShop, guided tour of project sites and hidden ephemera
location:Dongcheng District, Jiaodaokou Beiertiao 8

参加艺术家 Participating Artists:打油 Gerard ALTAIÓ(西班牙 ES)、Niko de LAFAYE(法 FR)、Michael EDDY(加拿大 CA)、Alfred HARTH(德 DE)、何意达 HE Yida(中国 CN)、何颖雅 Elaine W. HO(香港/美国 HK/USA)、冯昊 FENG Hao(中国 CN)、奥拉夫·郝赫尔茨 Olaf HOCHHERZ(德 DE)、Elke MARHÖFER(德 DE)、梅志勇 MEI Zhiyong(中国 CN)、盛洁 Gogo J(中国 CN)、苏文祥 SU Wenxiang(中国 CN)、陶轶 TAO Yi(中国 CN)、徐坦 XU Tan(中国 CN)、徐喆 XU Zhe(中国 CN)、颜骏 YAN Jun(中国 CN)、殷漪 YIN Yi(中国 CN)、照骏园 CIAO Jun-y(中国 CN)、组织 ZUZHI(中国 CN)

《此地无声》是一个将要发在北京东城区的艺术活动。所有参与的艺术家,声音艺术家及声音工作者们将以“声音”作为主题并且运用“声音”作为材料完成各自的 作品。作品呈现的方式将为装置、行为与音乐表演等等。作品放置的地点是剧场、艺术空间以及一些公共空间,活动持续时间为一周。在此期间还会发生一些相关讲 座与工作坊等项目。活动组织方会制作一份地图,上面会标示出所有艺术作品放置的地点。这些作品的分布将以国子监为中心,步行20分钟即可到达的范围内。


The Sound of Nowhere is an art project to be embedded deep in the recesses of Dongcheng District, scattered in the vicinities of Andingmen and Gulou. This is an experiment with sound and geography, whereby artists and ‘sound laborers’ will for the duration of one week present workshops, lectures, installations and performances for various locations on the map—from art spaces, a theatre, restaurants to a hair salon. The projects will be traceable from a printed map that guides participants for short walks within a 20 minute radius to find and experience these works as interventions and exchanges with the surrounding public space. By working from a conceptual recognition of sound, we seek to locate and initiate certain resonances between this often overlooked sense and its relation to the noise of our daily urban environs.


5-12 June 2011
A full programme of all activities will be posted as it is available. Please stay tuned at www.soundofnowhere.info for further information.

“我们的噪音,图像,朋友和市场压力” 阮千瑞《毁烬蓝图》新书视觉/声音/对谈/吃喝/魔术聚会
OUR NOISE OUR IMAGES OUR PRESSURE OUR FRIENDS, in the SUPERMARKET: RUAN Qian Rui Burned Blueprint book launch, discussion, performance and magic show

家作坊 HomeShop
Jiaodaokou Beiertiao 8, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Saturday, 5 March 2011 from 17.00

小型海报实体展示 A selection of posters from the last years of RUAN Qian Rui’s work(阮千瑞 RUAN Qianrui

研讨会,讨论设计师如何生存 Open discussion on independent design and survival in the supermarket(阮千瑞 RUAN Qianrui,VAVABOND,照骏园 ZHAO Junyuan,Michael EDDY,何颖雅 Elaine W. HO,高蓓 GAO Bei,等等)

魔术表演 Magic show(史阳 SHI Yang)

萨克斯独奏 Solo sax(李增辉 LI Zenghui)

现场DJ(旁边儿 pangbianr)

饮料,小吃 Eat/drink(植村绘美 UEMURA Emi


豆瓣活动 Douban event page // http://www.douban.com/event/13510549/

最近“旁边儿”采访阮千瑞关于他的书《毁烬蓝图》a recent interview of RUAN Qian Rui by Josh FEOLA and Lulu CHOW // http://pangbianr.com/ruan-qianrui-burned-blueprint/

支持 supported by // 家作坊 HomeShop撒把芥末 SUBjam旁边儿 Pangbianr

“幻象就是现实 Illusion is reality.” (中央电视台春晚会 CCTV Spring Festival Gala)