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Seven one-on-one recorded dialogues between HomeShop organizers took place in the autumn of 2014, to accompany and reflect on some of the objects included in the 「我的负能量是你的正能量,or,或者,The Grin Without The Cat」 archive. Topics included: the question of rules as a common ground, the initiation and dissolution of artist projects, community-based participatory art vs. community-based social work, art as service, finding one’s role within the open platform and the role of a dead cat in democracy.

关于民主,怎么埋猫 about democracy and how to bury a cat
关于饮食和“在一起”性的实验 about eating together and being together, the experiment
关于家作坊“万物库”和服务 about the HomeShop “Ten Thousand Item Treasury” and service
关于规则和伦理关系 about the rules and ethics of self-organization
关于艺术与社区 about art and community
关于参与性和结局性 about participation and ending
关于厨房分用和个体角色 about sharing the kitchen and individual roles

请点这里查看更多关于「我的负能量是你的正能量,or,或者,The Grin Without The Cat」项目。

Click here for more information about the 「我的负能量是你的正能量,or,或者,The Grin Without The Cat」project.

798见鬼啦…… Sighting in 798! 

由艺术工作者们运作的空间“家作坊” 关门已近一年。此次参与「不在图像中行动」群展,是为了对其五年半的工作和玩乐经历进行一次回溯性寻析。自2008年 这个协作式项目成立,其自我组织与进程性的空间、参与者和活动,无不显示出多样性和互动性;而这些特性,既无法用某单一视角进行统辖,也 无可能完整复原其 具体情状。此次回顾因此是矛盾的、主观的、也是对话式的。

 也因此,「我的负能量是你的正能量,or,或者,The Grin Without The Cat」项目,毋宁说是在短暂回忆以及残留印记中进行的一次“采样”。它们来自日常生活、组织结构、诸多的可能性和死胡同、从未存在之物 事,也来自一些幽 灵。归档于此的这100多个物件便是此次采样成果。家作坊还特地制作了视频对话,印制了导览册,为您提供陪同与注解,以方便您在其间游 历;它们详载的历史 所能引发的叙事之旅,不一而足。回溯是生产;是一种出没于这一系列旧物件中的“精灵”;也是一种马后炮协作。  “玩儿”的时间不再有了!

Almost one year after artist-run space HomeShop closed its doors, its participation in the group exhibition Unlived by What is Seen is an attempt to retrospectively address five-and-a-half years of work and play. The multiplicity and dynamics that defined this collaborative project since its inception in 2008—including its spaces, people and activities, self-organized and processual—do not necessarily add up to a singular viewpoint, nor can they be easily mapped. Retrospection is paradoxical. Subjective. Dialogical.

「我的负能量是你的正能量,or,或者,The Grin Without The Cat」thus appears here as a sampling of ephemera and residuals—from daily life, from the structures of organization, from other possibilities and deadends, from things that never were, and, from a few ghosts. Specially prepared video dialogues and printed guides shall serve as your escorts and annotations to the more than 100 items included in this archive; the history they recount may lead you on any number of narrative journeys. Retrospection is production. A spirit attending a series of old objects. A kind of collaboration postmortem. There’s no more time to play!

「我的负能量是你的正能量,or,或者,The Grin Without The Cat」项目的构思者和实施者包括:小欧、Michael EDDY、何穎雅、Fotini LAZARIDOU-HATZIGOGA和曲一箴.

「我的负能量是你的正能量,or,或者,The Grin Without The Cat」has been conceived and carried out by Orianna CACCHIONE, Michael EDDY, Elaine W. HO, Fotini LAZARIDOU-HATZIGOGA and Twist QU.

“不在图像中行动 Unlived by What is Seen” 
Sun Yuan & Peng Yu, Cui Cancan
策展人:孙原&彭禹 崔灿灿

2014年12月13日 – 2015年3月15日
Dates: December 13, 2014 — March 15, 2015
Venues: Galleria Continua, Pace Beijing, Tang Contemporary Art

展厅局部 installation view
展厅局部 installation view

展厅局部 installation view

Detailed view of HomeShop archive with the following objects: #11 Not Including Someone as HomeShop Member (non-realized initiative, e-mail, 2012); #28 Handwritten Notes Exchanged with Xiao Li (paper, 2009 – 2013); #43 WaoBao! Quilt (hand-stitched fabrics [mixed], 2013); and one of seven screens playing recorded dialogues between HomeShop organizers.

家作坊档案的局部图,包括以下物件:#89各种图标(胶皮印章、贴纸,2009–2013年);#49白瓷砖(陶瓷,2010–2013年);#53:“众口难调”(盐、食用油,2011年);#10:电梯游说(未实现的倡议,2012年);#84扣锁钥匙(铝,2010年);和#69家作坊前厅日志(手工制作笔记本,A5纸,60页, 2012年)
Detailed view of HomeShop archive with the following objects: #89 Various Logos (rubber stamps, sticker paper, 2009 – 2013) ; #49 White Tile (ceramic, 2010 – 2013) ; #53: “It is hard to please all” (salt, cooking oil, 2011) ; #10: Elevator Pitch (non-realized initiative, 2012); #84 Padlock Key (aluminum, 2010); and #69 Front Space Notebook (handmade A5-sized notebook, 60 pages, 2012).

exhibition guidebook entry number 3, the runaway cats of HomeShop

策展⼈人提供的家作坊介绍 description of HomeShop provided by the curators
This wall text appeared next to our installation two days before the opening, surprising us all with its framing of HomeShop as a “spiritual” project pursuing “absolute equal-democracy”. Most of us felt this was patently absurd or simply reflected a gross misunderstanding as to how HomeShop fit within the curatorial direction of the exhibition—while certain others among us were quite pleased by its lofty exaggerations.

展厅局部 installation view

展厅局部 installation view

作为《我的负能量是你的正能量,or,或者,The Grin Without The Cat》展览的一部分,家作坊印制了自己的册子,用导览手册的形式对所有展示的档案物进行了编号叙述。以下这篇是1号入口:

《我的负能量是你的正能量,or,或者,The Grin Without The Cat》





As part of 《我的负能量是你的正能量,or,或者,The Grin Without The Cat, HomeShop published its own catalogue in the form of a guidebook with numbered descriptions of all items included in the exhibited archive. The following prologue is entry number 1:

《我的负能量是你的正能量,or,或者,The Grin Without The Cat》
archive, 102 items of various sizes and media

The choice not to participate in the group show Unlived by What is Seen could also have been valid, and was certainly honestly considered. Bringing the practices of HomeShop to the 798 art district brought up translation problems, with contextual sensitivity and criticality, and desires for autonomy being what held together an interdisciplinary mix of individuals. This most likely could not be reproduced in the art district, and certainly not posthumously.

In any case, the terms of the invitation seemed open enough, and signaled the challenges of what can be called a retrospective phase. We agreed this was of enough interest to work together, despite the dilemma of who and what we are—because we are not HomeShop.This particular group bound by what was, is not trying to be everything that was. And contrary to what some might have thought, this gathering isn’t in order to have a party!

This archive is a pre-emptive response to the question of who writes history. Especially in the case of self-initiated and discontinued projects that, like HomeShop, may have existed at the edges of an art scene—to be rediscovered later or not—there is a task to speak for oneself, despite the contradictory loss of voice.

An archive is a tool toward retrospection but can never be truly complete. Among those items gathered from across this and other worlds, this archive includes a range not only from what had been successfully produced in visible and material forms, but also that which may have gone wrong or was never realized, as well as the dynamics of their relations and mediations.We hope these function in part as potential tools or case studies for others, while calling to mind the missing elements and contradictions involved in any historicization.


















WaoBao! 4ever

Come one and all to HomeShop on Sunday, December 8th for WaoBao! 4ever the fourth and final WaoBao! event before HomeShop closes its doors FOREVER. Starting at 11 am WaoBao! will welcome exchanges of HOT items for tickets (to be used to exchange for other items) and commence a veritable carnival of activities. At 5 pm, an exhilarating auction will wrap up with the finest goods of the day!

NEW at WaoBao! 4ever:

There are new limits on the number of tickets given for books, clothing and CDs.

But there is a new way to earn tickets on site!

New work stations where participants can acquire tickets through short bursts of HARD WORK.

– Tell a story about your objects!

– Work on the HomeShop memorial quilt!

– Oversee the work of others!

All of these will get you EXTRA tickets!

Now with FREE “2 Tiao Art Festival”: A series of interventions by live artists making fair trade* performances, actions and art masterpieces! Value added!

basic rules and conditions:
To take part, all you need to do is bring all your unwanted goods to HomeShop on December 8th from 11 to 5pm and swap! Do keep in mind, the WaoBao! team can appraise or reject broken or damaged goods at their discretion. We are also open for participants to swap services and skills, such as language and cooking classes.  All items go on a first come, first served basis, and selected priority items will be set aside to be auctioned off at 5pm on the day.


*these artworks are not certified by any third party fair trade organization

“无形” non-visible videostills

a project by Asako Iwama and Derrick Wang
June 21-23
家作坊 HomeShop

The “non-visible” project has evolved from a series of video interviews with various practitioners in Europe and China with experiences or familiarity working with non-visible energy, or ‘qi’. Interviewees have included dancers, cognitive scientists, Feng Shui and I Ching masters, psychics, traditional medicine doctors and physicists. 

How can the non-visible be made visible and/or comprehensible? We would suggest that we are constantly swinging between the two poles of subjective and objective reality. Through the process of our interviews, we have attempted to find points of connection between the various practices we have encountered, while acknowledging our own groundlessness in terms of having to constantly transform our perceptions and expectations of the people we have met. 

In a film installation and series of events organized during the June solstice and under the full moon (June 21-23), we hope that some of the hidden layers contained in our interactions and recordings will become visible to or felt by those who participate, and that a new understanding of the non-visible may emerge.

Friday June 21
18:00-20:00 reading and discussion with the Happy Friends Reading Group (download reading material)
20:00-22:00 film installation

Saturday June 22
18:00-20:00 book reading and discussion with Du Shun Gie Laoshi (Feng Shui master), Zhang Li Rem Laoshi (Yijing master), Eva Bergwall (eurythmy teacher and healer), Hartmut Walter (acoustic and vibration engineer), Zhu Feng (Qi Gong master) and other guests
20:00-22:00 film installation

Sunday June 23
19:00 dinner prepared by Emi Uemura and Asako Iwama and open discussion (organic & vegetarian dinner, cost 88RMB, reservation required; please email lianxi@homeshop.org.cn)
20:00-22:00 film installation

Asako Iwama (born in Tokyo, Japan) is an artist and cook, who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Asako Iwama’s practice has developed around the idea of the ontology of eating. Referring to the social aspects of eating as a metaphor of our relation to nature, Iwama seeks to transform the perception of nourishment, both aesthetically and epistemologically within her practice and work.

Derrick Wang (born in Montreal, Canada) is a second generation Chinese from Canada who has a background in architecture, and is currently working as a filmmaker in Beijing, China.

in collaboration with HomeShop / Emi Uemura, Michael Eddy, Qu Yizhen, Tan Zhengjie, Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga


项目发起人:岩間朝子,Derrick Wang
家作坊 HomeShop




18:00-20:00 乐友读书会及讨论(阅读内容在此下载
20:00-22:00 影像装置 

18:00-20:00 读书会及与风水大师杜顺杰、易经大师张力壬、音语舞老师治疗师Eva Bergwall、声学和振动的物理工程师Hartmut Walter、气功大师朱峰等特邀嘉宾进行讨论
20:00-22:00 影像装置

19:00 晚餐及公开讨论(有机素食,88元/人,由植村絵美和岩間朝子掌厨,请邮件预定:lianxi@homeshop.org.cn
20:00-22:00 影像装置

岩間朝子(出生于日本东京),艺术家及厨师,生活和工作在德国柏林。岩間的实践和研究主要围绕于“吃”的本体论。鉴于“吃”作为某种社会文化现象所隐喻的人类与自然关系, 岩間旨在于美学和认识论上转换人对饮食的认知。

Derrick Wang(出生于加拿大蒙特利尔),加拿大华人第二代,拥有建筑学背景,目前作为导演在北京工作。

合作者:家作坊/ 植村絵美, Michael Eddy, 曲一箴, 谭争劼, Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga


Supported by ifa – Institut für Auslandbeziehungen e.V.

A Constructed World, Hospitality, 2001 (presented by Anna Hess, 2011)

For the following meeting of Happy Friends we will meet on Sunday June 9th at 5 pm to discuss texts from “Speech Object” (2011) by Australian artist group A Constructed World (Geoff Lowe and Jacqueline Riva). They will be present via Skype thanks to Guo Hao. When the question came out: what is this about? the following gentle suggestion was made by Geoff:

Re: speech object- how to consume?
Hey Hao

well I think maybe the best way is to read these 2 short texts
…try this at home p27
speech objects p73
both are very short
-or a bit longer
a new role or repertoire… p32

the idea is to begin to track how the audience may be involved in a work even before it is made

to think away  from creation and expression ( where an art work appears from nothing)
to translation and diffusion

so with the audience rather than thinking they don’t-know ( stupid public who have to be educated)
begin to think about how any work of art may have origins in its audience.

its a prompt its not a manual
the book rose out of an exhibition in 4 parts that attempted to chart how a work and its reception could move around in space and time

hope this helps a bit!

Please leave a comment to receive a link to the pdf.



High Mountain, Flowing Water by ZHAO Tianji

(声音装置 / sound installation)

HomeShop recently participated in the exhibition Green Box - Remapping — The Space of Media Reality (organized by School of Intermedia Art of China Art Academy at Media City Research Center 11–29 January, 2013) with a just-in-time newspaper about the other works in the show, silkscreen-printed on-site in the exhibition space.




For the past two years, HomeShop has been investigating the ins and outs of publicness and locality through the form of newspapers, including The YellowSide Daily and Beiertiao Leaks. The intention has been to form a multi-vocal space of statement through a medium of urgency. The newspapers’ deadline forces a certain immediacy of content, in both time and place.

Greenbox Leaks is a followup on these exercises in the performance of journalism, turned toward the exploration of the context of the group exhibition in which it will appear. A team dispatched from HomeShop will document, annotate and critique the contributions by all other participants in the show, gathering meta-data, truth & rumour, and subjective interpretation into a special behind-the-scenes critical feuilleton to be printed in red ink and available for the opening. In some cases, the other participants will be offered the choice to self-critique instead of having their work subjected to the treatment of Greenbox Leaks team. Finally, our editorial comprises a self-criticism that not only infiltrates the boundaries inherent to our own undertaking, but also problematizes all future criticisms around the exhibition as a whole.

Printing past the deadline at the opening. 开幕之后的现场印刷

Fellow artist in Green Box, Liu Guoqiang, takes his criticism with admirable humour. 另一位参展艺术家刘国强带着崇拜式的幽默阅读关于他的作品的批评

The presentation also included previous editions of Beiertiao Leaks, YellowSide Daily, and 《穿》Wear journals (now available in Hangzhou while supplies last!). 展览的作品也包括前期的《北二条小报》《黄边日报》《穿》

Counting the hot cakes profits (1 yuan x 66 copies sold = 66 yuan!) 清点我们的收获!(1元*66份=66元!)


Read Greenbox Leaks here

See more here: 更多信息 http://weibo.com/u/3205118847?topnav=1&wvr=5&topsug=1

by Orianna Cacchione

第六届茶壶展览 * Teapot exhibition 6 | Pilar ESCUDER

由Pilar Escuder和Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga表演的茶道仪式
A tea ceremony with Pilar ESCUDER and Fotini LAZARIDOU-HATZIGOGA


Sunday, 5 June 2011 – Sunday, 12 June 2011


OPENING: Sunday, June 5th, from 14.00
featuring free distribution of project sound map and guides at HomeShop, guided tour of project sites and hidden ephemera
location:Dongcheng District, Jiaodaokou Beiertiao 8

参加艺术家 Participating Artists:打油 Gerard ALTAIÓ(西班牙 ES)、Niko de LAFAYE(法 FR)、Michael EDDY(加拿大 CA)、Alfred HARTH(德 DE)、何意达 HE Yida(中国 CN)、何颖雅 Elaine W. HO(香港/美国 HK/USA)、冯昊 FENG Hao(中国 CN)、奥拉夫·郝赫尔茨 Olaf HOCHHERZ(德 DE)、Elke MARHÖFER(德 DE)、梅志勇 MEI Zhiyong(中国 CN)、盛洁 Gogo J(中国 CN)、苏文祥 SU Wenxiang(中国 CN)、陶轶 TAO Yi(中国 CN)、徐坦 XU Tan(中国 CN)、徐喆 XU Zhe(中国 CN)、颜骏 YAN Jun(中国 CN)、殷漪 YIN Yi(中国 CN)、照骏园 CIAO Jun-y(中国 CN)、组织 ZUZHI(中国 CN)

《此地无声》是一个将要发在北京东城区的艺术活动。所有参与的艺术家,声音艺术家及声音工作者们将以“声音”作为主题并且运用“声音”作为材料完成各自的 作品。作品呈现的方式将为装置、行为与音乐表演等等。作品放置的地点是剧场、艺术空间以及一些公共空间,活动持续时间为一周。在此期间还会发生一些相关讲 座与工作坊等项目。活动组织方会制作一份地图,上面会标示出所有艺术作品放置的地点。这些作品的分布将以国子监为中心,步行20分钟即可到达的范围内。


The Sound of Nowhere is an art project to be embedded deep in the recesses of Dongcheng District, scattered in the vicinities of Andingmen and Gulou. This is an experiment with sound and geography, whereby artists and ‘sound laborers’ will for the duration of one week present workshops, lectures, installations and performances for various locations on the map—from art spaces, a theatre, restaurants to a hair salon. The projects will be traceable from a printed map that guides participants for short walks within a 20 minute radius to find and experience these works as interventions and exchanges with the surrounding public space. By working from a conceptual recognition of sound, we seek to locate and initiate certain resonances between this often overlooked sense and its relation to the noise of our daily urban environs.


5-12 June 2011
A full programme of all activities will be posted as it is available. Please stay tuned at www.soundofnowhere.info for further information.