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[钟]五月十九日星期天下午[钟] [害羞]
的最后一集 20元每人,最多30人,预订从速(周五前)!

Please join us this Sunday, May 19th for the May edition of HomeShop’s monthly Potluck!
5 pm—a presentation by Linda Kreger on Buddhism’s reception and flourishing among the “counterculture” and others in America in the 1970s and beyond
6 pm—Dinner served
simultaneous screening of final episodes of 1990s TV series A Beijinger in New York
¥20 donation, limit of 30 people. RSVP by Friday!

Images: top, Maurice Carlin “Screenscans; Havana; 14’30″”; bottom, Islington Mill.

Maurice Carlin的介绍在Institute for Provocation四月六号,周六 下午六点。
Maurice Carlin’s artist talk at Institute for Provocation at 6pm on Saturday April 6th, 2013.

家作坊开放研讨会 / Open Discussion at HomeShop

四月七号,周日 下午六点
Sunday, April 7 at 6pm


周日,挑衅研究所(Institute for Provocation)将与家作坊, 伊斯灵顿磨坊(Islington Mill)的Maurice Carlin以及其他的朋友们就独立艺术空间这一话题展开讨论。既然我们都代表着各种不同艺术空间和集体,我想以开放的方式分享我们的经验,邀请大家来一起自我反思将是一种合适的方式。

What are the challenges of establishing and running an independent art space/community? 
What possible structures can enable an independent art space to become independent of its core team? From another perspective, is there a line that separates, blurrily, an art practice from institutional organization, and what are the critical capacities proper to the different gradations? 

On Sunday, Institute for Provocation will be joining HomeShop, Maurice Carlin from Islington Mill and others to launch a discussion around the topic of independent art spaces. Since we all represent various types of art spaces and communities, we thought it fit to share our experiences in a public format, inviting everyone in to join this moment of self-reflection.

Welcome! 欢迎!



由家作坊全体和Maurice Carlin进行创意并执行并作为2013年北京“白夜”活动节日的一部分诚邀您的参与与支持。

Friday March 22nd, starting 10 pm and continuing into the early hours at the leisure of our guests; and from 6 pm to 10 pm on Saturday, March 23rd.

Homeshop presents HomeShop Hotel for the enjoyment of all participants. Decorating the entire space to imitate a Las Vegas hotel, amusements such as slot machines, a laser show, surround sound installation and a dancing robot will animate the Hotel in dazzling style. Check-in to the Hotel for respite with a variety of specialist services, including automatic massage chair, video games, steam bath, and dining. They will be expecting you.

Created and executed by Homeshop with the help of resident Maurice Carlin, as participating in Beijing’s first ‘White Night,’ a project of Jue Festival 2013.





To our guests who came to stay in HomeShop Hotel~your 6-star hotel on Beiertiao~on March 22nd, 2013, our staff would like to sincerely apologize for the lack of power that lasted all weekend. We hope it did not cause you too much inconvenience, and that you enjoyed your stay nonetheless. Please call again on your next trip to Beiertiao.

The Management

March 25th, 2013

精彩集锦 / Highlights



The lavish massage center, with musical fountain in the foreground.


The newly renovated disco, which can convert into a laser tag facility when the entire back wall is raised.


Visitors checking out the service robots in the Jackie Chan Dragon lounge.



Okay, okay, it started as a joke. The front room at HomeShop is so cold that nobody wants to work in there, so how can we use it? For a permanent ice sculpture display, said a voice from Hokkaido, which is famous for its huge ice castles during Snow Fest in Sapporo. Well, it’s not that cold, but maybe we could heat it up, and declare victory over our old enemy, Beijing winter? And so the Melting Ice Festival transpired.

《非社交游戏》 / Associalization

也许我们需要向大家清楚介绍一下“联想游戏”的玩法(回过头来看,这个游戏应该叫“非社交游戏”,不小心多加了一个s),其中部分是因为游戏 之夜将成为每月一次的活动。


桌子中央有大量带着图画的卡片。每个玩家拿6张牌,并不让其他玩家看见。轮到某个玩家时,他选择一张牌,可以用一个概念、词语、声音、句子或其他 方式向所有玩家描述这张牌,并将其牌面朝下放在桌子中央,其他玩家从自己手里的牌中选出与这个描述最相似的牌,并同样牌面朝下放在桌子中央。进行 描述的玩家要试图让至少一个其他玩家猜中他出的牌,但又不能让所有玩家都猜对(至少有一人猜错)。然后重洗桌子中央的牌,再把这些牌依次翻过来, 顺序排列。接着每个玩家投票,选出那张他们所认为是描述玩家所出的牌。最后的得分由票数决定。(如果至少一人但不是所有玩家猜对,该局的描述玩家 得3分;猜对描述玩家所出牌的其他玩家得2分;自己所出的牌误导其他玩家,一人/次得一分)

Perhaps some clarification is in order to explain what happens in the game Associalization (which, looking in the rear-view, should technically actually be called Asocialization, but was subject to an asinine Freudian slip), partly because game nights will become a monthly tradition at HomeShop (says the erstwhile Dust Bar proprietor). Stay tuned and join next time!

Rules work this way:

There are a large amount of cards with drawings on them. Each player gets a certain number of cards, for example 6.  Players’ cards are hidden from one another. The player whose turn it is chooses a concept, word, sound, sentence etc. for one particular card, announces it to all players, and places the card face-down. Their intention is for at least one player to correctly guess their card, but at least one player who does not correctly identify. Other players check their own hand for cards that could possibly correspond, and put these down. The cards are shuffled, and finally flipped to reveal the images. Then each player votes on which card they think is the the originally chosen one, and points are allotted depending on the distribution of votes (3 points to the player whose turn it is, if at least one but not every player chooses their card; 2 points to the player who chooses the correct card; 1 point to the player who has fooled others with an “incorrect” card.)


It’s so easy, apples can also play.


冷凝混音(第1场) / Condensation Sound Collage (Stage 1)


Condensation Sound Collage (Stage 1) was a simple process of recording people’s responses in private to a number of questions about sounds their families make, unedited and overlaid.

袖珍“哈尔滨彩色冰雕”扮靓家作坊 / Little Harbin highlights

乔治·华盛顿与蛇 / George Washington with snake

爸爸 / Father

小妹妹和叔叔 / Little sister and uncle

 妈妈和小孩子 / Mother and baby


2月1日 星期五 7:00点 / Friday, February 1st, 7:00 pm





德勒兹 瓜塔里又说:“不是说俄狄浦斯与阉割等啥也算不上,我们都被俄狄浦斯化、被阉了;不是说精神分析学发明了这些进程,并且天才地赋予后者新的源头与方法。但 这是否就能将欲望生产的尖啸化为无形:我们都是精神分裂者!我们都是变态!我们是力比多,不是太稠就是太稀,不是我们愿意这样或那样,而是解辖域流把我们 卷入其中、随性抛掷的结果。”


活动:冰雕融化展示, 联想卡片游戏(参照一款流行桌游“只言片语”自制的家作坊版),冷凝混音,微尘之吧

Melting Ice Festival

HomeShop hosts an evening gathering of free association just before we all depart for the enforced association of Spring Festival.

As Confucius said, “The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.”

And as Lacan said, “Because the conjugal family incarnates authority in the next generation and in a family figure, it puts this authority within the immediate range of creative subversion.”

And as Deleuze and Guattari said, “We are not saying that Oedipus and castration do not amount to anything. We are oedipalized, we are castrated; psychoanalysis didn’t invent these operations, to which it merely lends the new resources and methods of its genius. But is this sufficient to silence the outcry of desiring-production: We are all schizos! We are all perverts! We are all libidos that are too viscous and too fluid-and not by preference, but wherever we have been carried by the deterritorialized flows.”

Let’s meet once more before the end of the year, and savour our ambiguous relations to family, and to self.

Events: Melting Ice Sculpture Display,  Associalization card game (HomeShop’s own version, similar to the popular Dixit ©), Condensation sound collage, Lubricative Dust Bar.


有种. 你有种ING. 有你的吗?

                                  Do you have yours yet? 



北京外的朋友们 ——> 含邮费寄到 亚洲欧洲和北美 ! 到其它地方
For friends outside of Beijing ——> order with shipping to Asia Europe or N. Americaother places

在北京的铁哥们儿/姐们儿 ——> 立刻订!68 元/本免费快递 (细阅以下内容)
And for those lucky yous in the rings of Beijing ——> order NOW! RMB 68 with free delivery (see below for details)
[别忘啊,留您的姓名、地址、联系电话、递送时间和杂志数量——谢谢支持! Make sure you include # of copies, name, address, phone number, delivery time.]


穿》第三期终于出来了,像个斯巴达勇士,穿的不多,但浑身腱子肉。因此它更具穿透力,穿插在不同的系统,话语与现实之间。与其它表里不一的 出版物不同(多数的杂志 封面材料与内容页不同),每期《穿》的装帧设计都很丢脸(即试图将自身的面目在表里的模糊中丢掉)。言归正传,本期的《穿》围绕“你有种”这一时髦用语,从批判理论,微观政治与艺术生产三个方向娓娓道来:有种即种子于某主体中的存在但它在日常交流中所具有的“有胆色”,“胆子大”等含义却不可避免地把主体的边界和限制打破在从内在的“有”向外在的行动或行为的运动中达成了自身作为种子的生长。因此它不仅是一系列滚雪球活动(如种子炸弹,城市探险等)的发射台,更是一个在影评人,有机市集发起人与艺术行动主义者等个体间展开的关于中国当代境遇的讨论的潜在节点。

WEAR journal finally arrives to its third issue in spartan outfit: double-pleated, DIY and pretty much naked. Following the first two issues’ design of a coverless magazine about urban dress, this issue thinks about the fashionable phrase “你有种 nǐ yŏu zhŏng” in a few of the other realms where HomeShop likes to dwell: critical theory, micropolitics and artistic production. “有种 yŏu zhŏng“—literally meaning “to have seed” and metaphorically insinuating that one is ballsy or daring—becomes here more than a launchpad for a series of rolling activities (like seed bombing or urban exploring); it is also the point of potential from which the likes of a film critic, organic market organizers and artist-activists engage in a context-specific dialogue on the global realities at play in China.

9/10Vincent BONIN小欧 Orianna CACCHIONE马艾迪 Michael EDDYAndrea FRANCKE高灵 GAO LingAlex GIBBS何颖雅 Elaine W. HO静远 JING洛歌 Gordon LAURINFotini LAZARIDOU-HATZIGOGA麦巅 MAI DianAn Xiao MINAJeremy O’SULLIVAN欧阳潇 OUYANG Xiao曲一箴 QU YizhenStephanie ROTHENBERG植村絵美 Emi UEMURA王尘尘 Cici WANG王念华 Dan S. WANG张献民 ZHANG Xianmin子杰 ZI Jie




 and on Saturday, 20 October 
            from 10 am to 10 pm  
receive wear journal’s free personal delivery service 

为庆祝《穿》杂志第三期成功出版,下个星期家作坊果断决定拓展我们的业务覆盖范围。作为本期杂志中城市探险系列的延伸,我们会无所不用其极地将杂志送到您的门前。无论是步行,骑车,坐地铁还是直接空降,只要您在北京,我们就会想办法兑现这个承诺。当然,城市的边界十分难以判定,但对于边界的挑战正是有种的精髓。 您能让我们跑多远呢?

Next weekend, HomeShop will celebrate WEAR number three with a continuation of the urban explorations that are featured in the issue. This time our happy adventurers are coming right to your doorstep to personally courier the new issue to you. Friendly agents will walk, bike, ride the subway or fly to you anywhere in Beijing, and where that city limit may be a bit fuzzy, of course stretching the limits is what ballsy is all about. How far will you make us go?

请立即订购!我们将在10月20日在您指定的时间范围内将杂志送到。我们途中的所见所闻都将被记录下来并在21日举行的《穿》三出版仪式上与前来参与活动的嘉宾们分享。届时我们还将组织视频与音频放映,《穿》参与者现场讨论等单元的活动。 让我们共度美好周末,周六你家,周日俺家。心动了吧?既无公害又批判又行动主义又文艺范儿十足。《穿》——nubility level:high

Place your order now and we’ll deliver WEAR to you on Saturday, 20 October, within your specified time frame. All of these trips will be documented in some way and the results will be shared at the launch celebration on Sunday, 21 October (from 4pm). We’ll be screening audio/video excerpts and engaging in spontaneous dialogue with you and many of the contributors on hand. Let’s spend the weekend together, your place on Saturday, and ours on Sunday. Sexy, eh? No! It’s organic and critical and activist and arty. Hurrah for WEAR!


抢先订购的朋友还将受到惊喜小礼包哦! And the first eight people to place an order will receive an additional surprise~

新书发布 + 艺术家对谈

Lijiang Studio Mural Stories: Contemporary Art Episodes in Rural China, book launch and talk

日期/时间 date__ 8月19日周日,晚上7点 | Sunday, 19 August, 19:00
地点 location__ 家作坊 HomeShop [地图map


participating artists: Hu Jiamin, Lei Lei, Liu Bin, Liu Chuanhong, Na Yingyu, Tang Yi, Wu Junyong
“Mural Project” curator & “Lijiang Studio Mural Stories” compiler: Li Lisha
Lijiang Studio “New Countryside Laboratory“ director: Jay Brown




This book is a thorough documentation of one art project that Lijiang Studio, a not-for-profit arts organization, did in a Naxi village near the tourist city of Lijiang. It tells the story of local farmers and artists collaborating to paint murals. It is an attempt to probe the possibilities of creating contemporary art in a rural area.

New Countryside Laboratory Mural Project
The “Mural Painting Project” run by Lijiang Studio in 2008 aims to get involved in building the Chinese “New Countryside” (xin nongcun jianshe). The “New Countryside” is a term that has come up in recent years to describe the new status of rural China in the context of urban China. In our experience the specific application of the term varies greatly.

Lijiang Studio
Lijiang Studio has been making experiments relating to art and village life in this Jixiang (meaning “auspicious”) village near Lijiang, in Southwest China’s Yunnan Province, since 2005. We run an artist-in-residence program with the aim of making art that is as interesting to the visiting artist as it is to local people as it is to us. We have indulged in this in a strictly not-for-profit way. If you have any ideas you think would be interesting in our context, please contact us at lsirlisa@gmail.com.





这周五中午12点之后来家作坊逛逛,与我们一起参与这份特别的本地报纸出版工作,大功告成后与我们的出版团队共饮。DUST bar 是家作坊的内部酒吧,提供威士忌及概念性故事游戏,以保证我们的新闻工作者们能够高效地运转。


出版工作室开放时间为12月23日(周五),从中午12点至晚上8点。DUST bar 开放时间为晚上8点至深夜。所有收入将用于家作坊的后续公共活动。非常感谢你的支持!

我们将利用周末两天时间完成报纸得制作与印刷,欢迎 任何对丝网印刷的基本技巧感兴趣的朋友在此期间加入我们。 第三期《北二条小报》将于12月25日之后发行,别着急!


BEIERTIAO LEAKS has reached its impromptu biannual print deadline——time for a new edition! Coinciding with the one-year anniversary of HomeShop’s residency at Jiaodaokou Beiertiao, news staff are taking this opportunity to make a critical reflection of our role as embedded media purveyors both in and outside of the local scene, whether that encompasses a small community in Beijing, art world gossip, or an attempt to understand and filter contemporary geopolitics as a concurrent reality.

You are invited to participate as reporter, editor and copywriter for our ongoing investigation into media and communications in Beijing hutong style. Where is the hottest hidden property in Andingmen after the stern hand of market control takes hold over Beijing? What are the latest creative schemes to block traffic and usurp public space in the alleyways? Why doesn’t FAN laoshi play ping-pong against the wall anymore?

Drop by HomeShop this Friday anytime after 12 pm to participate in the production of this unique local newspaper, and stick around after work hours for a drink with the press team. The DUST bar is embedded in-house for maximum efficiency, with whiskey and conceptual storytelling to keep our newshound teeth sharp and hungry.

The Conceptual Youth Hostel [Prototype 17] will play host to fine drinking games and “real experience” exchange, with free drinks and a round of other surprises to the journalist-narrators with the juiciest LEAKS.

The pressroom is open on FRIDAY, 23 DECEMBER from 12 NOON to 20.00. The DUST bar opens from 20.00 until late.  All proceeds go toward supporting the public activities of HomeShop; your support is greatly appreciated!

Presses will run all weekend at HomeShop, and anyone interested to learn basic silkscreening processes is welcome to join. This third edition of BEIERTIAO LEAKS will be available for pick up and delivery after the 25 December, easy going!



北京有机农夫市集 / Country Fair
时间:2011年6月11日星期六 上午10点30至下午4点

地址: 远洋光华远洋国际
中国北京北京市朝阳区金桐西路光华国际AB座一楼 餐厅GORI前边,Costa Coffee附近
地铁站:10号线金台夕照 或 1号线 国贸。[map]
电话: 134 0105 6422(中文)/ 136 9363 9394 (English /日文)

微博: (http://t.sina.com.cn/1918547924

北京有机农夫市集 Country Fair
联系人:134 0105 6422(中文)/ 136 9363 9394 (English /日文)


This month, Country Fair will be held on June 11th at the Guanghua International complex in CBD.  There will be more than 20 participating farmers, vendors, environmental and rural aid NGOs, artists, and musicians.  Come for fresh, healthy produce and snacks, and stay to learn more about the connections between agriculture and the environment.  Feel good about what you’re eating – meet your farmers!

北京有机农夫市集 /Country Fair
Beijing Farmers Market
Date: June 11th Sat, 2011   10:30 a.m.~16:00 p.m.

Address:  Office Park (East side of The Place)
Office Park, 1F Tower AB In front of Gori (across from Costa Coffee), Jintong West Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Metro: Jintaixizhao on Line 10 or Guomao on Line 1.[map]
Phone:134 0105 6422(CH/EN)/ 136 9363 9394 (EN /JP)

Weibo: http://t.sina.com.cn/1918547924
Beijing Farm Map: http://pangbianr.com/farmmap.html


小毛驴市民农园 Little Donkey Farm
凤凰公社 Phoenix Commune
德润屋生态环境科技中心  De Run Wo

天福园有机农业 God’s Grace Garden

芳嘉园 Fangjia Farm
圣林生态农庄 Sun Lin Farm

特奥愛心农庄 Special Commune

国仁绿色联盟 Ground Green Union
小团山香草农庄(合肥)Hilltop herb farm

陈艳红(顺义)Chen Yanhong

北京布乐奶酪坊 Le Fromager de Pekin
米酒先生 Mr. Rice Wine
手土义坊 Shou Tu Yi Fang
谢睿慈 Lily HSIEH (厨余垃圾堆肥 EM compost)
瀚海沙 Han Hai Sha
自然之友 Friends of Nature
达尔问自然求知社  Green Beagle

全球和平妇女 Peace Women Across the Globe
农业与贸易政策研究所 Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

吃素的 The Veggie Table (素食餐厅)
Mom China
and more

/// 联系方式 ///
北京有机农夫市集 Country Fair
电话:134 0105 6422(中文/English)/ 136 9363 9394 (日文/ English)


Sunday, 5 June 2011 – Sunday, 12 June 2011


OPENING: Sunday, June 5th, from 14.00
featuring free distribution of project sound map and guides at HomeShop, guided tour of project sites and hidden ephemera
location:Dongcheng District, Jiaodaokou Beiertiao 8

参加艺术家 Participating Artists:打油 Gerard ALTAIÓ(西班牙 ES)、Niko de LAFAYE(法 FR)、Michael EDDY(加拿大 CA)、Alfred HARTH(德 DE)、何意达 HE Yida(中国 CN)、何颖雅 Elaine W. HO(香港/美国 HK/USA)、冯昊 FENG Hao(中国 CN)、奥拉夫·郝赫尔茨 Olaf HOCHHERZ(德 DE)、Elke MARHÖFER(德 DE)、梅志勇 MEI Zhiyong(中国 CN)、盛洁 Gogo J(中国 CN)、苏文祥 SU Wenxiang(中国 CN)、陶轶 TAO Yi(中国 CN)、徐坦 XU Tan(中国 CN)、徐喆 XU Zhe(中国 CN)、颜骏 YAN Jun(中国 CN)、殷漪 YIN Yi(中国 CN)、照骏园 CIAO Jun-y(中国 CN)、组织 ZUZHI(中国 CN)

《此地无声》是一个将要发在北京东城区的艺术活动。所有参与的艺术家,声音艺术家及声音工作者们将以“声音”作为主题并且运用“声音”作为材料完成各自的 作品。作品呈现的方式将为装置、行为与音乐表演等等。作品放置的地点是剧场、艺术空间以及一些公共空间,活动持续时间为一周。在此期间还会发生一些相关讲 座与工作坊等项目。活动组织方会制作一份地图,上面会标示出所有艺术作品放置的地点。这些作品的分布将以国子监为中心,步行20分钟即可到达的范围内。


The Sound of Nowhere is an art project to be embedded deep in the recesses of Dongcheng District, scattered in the vicinities of Andingmen and Gulou. This is an experiment with sound and geography, whereby artists and ‘sound laborers’ will for the duration of one week present workshops, lectures, installations and performances for various locations on the map—from art spaces, a theatre, restaurants to a hair salon. The projects will be traceable from a printed map that guides participants for short walks within a 20 minute radius to find and experience these works as interventions and exchanges with the surrounding public space. By working from a conceptual recognition of sound, we seek to locate and initiate certain resonances between this often overlooked sense and its relation to the noise of our daily urban environs.


5-12 June 2011
A full programme of all activities will be posted as it is available. Please stay tuned at www.soundofnowhere.info for further information.