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Okay, okay, it started as a joke. The front room at HomeShop is so cold that nobody wants to work in there, so how can we use it? For a permanent ice sculpture display, said a voice from Hokkaido, which is famous for its huge ice castles during Snow Fest in Sapporo. Well, it’s not that cold, but maybe we could heat it up, and declare victory over our old enemy, Beijing winter? And so the Melting Ice Festival transpired.

《非社交游戏》 / Associalization

也许我们需要向大家清楚介绍一下“联想游戏”的玩法(回过头来看,这个游戏应该叫“非社交游戏”,不小心多加了一个s),其中部分是因为游戏 之夜将成为每月一次的活动。


桌子中央有大量带着图画的卡片。每个玩家拿6张牌,并不让其他玩家看见。轮到某个玩家时,他选择一张牌,可以用一个概念、词语、声音、句子或其他 方式向所有玩家描述这张牌,并将其牌面朝下放在桌子中央,其他玩家从自己手里的牌中选出与这个描述最相似的牌,并同样牌面朝下放在桌子中央。进行 描述的玩家要试图让至少一个其他玩家猜中他出的牌,但又不能让所有玩家都猜对(至少有一人猜错)。然后重洗桌子中央的牌,再把这些牌依次翻过来, 顺序排列。接着每个玩家投票,选出那张他们所认为是描述玩家所出的牌。最后的得分由票数决定。(如果至少一人但不是所有玩家猜对,该局的描述玩家 得3分;猜对描述玩家所出牌的其他玩家得2分;自己所出的牌误导其他玩家,一人/次得一分)

Perhaps some clarification is in order to explain what happens in the game Associalization (which, looking in the rear-view, should technically actually be called Asocialization, but was subject to an asinine Freudian slip), partly because game nights will become a monthly tradition at HomeShop (says the erstwhile Dust Bar proprietor). Stay tuned and join next time!

Rules work this way:

There are a large amount of cards with drawings on them. Each player gets a certain number of cards, for example 6.  Players’ cards are hidden from one another. The player whose turn it is chooses a concept, word, sound, sentence etc. for one particular card, announces it to all players, and places the card face-down. Their intention is for at least one player to correctly guess their card, but at least one player who does not correctly identify. Other players check their own hand for cards that could possibly correspond, and put these down. The cards are shuffled, and finally flipped to reveal the images. Then each player votes on which card they think is the the originally chosen one, and points are allotted depending on the distribution of votes (3 points to the player whose turn it is, if at least one but not every player chooses their card; 2 points to the player who chooses the correct card; 1 point to the player who has fooled others with an “incorrect” card.)


It’s so easy, apples can also play.


冷凝混音(第1场) / Condensation Sound Collage (Stage 1)


Condensation Sound Collage (Stage 1) was a simple process of recording people’s responses in private to a number of questions about sounds their families make, unedited and overlaid.

袖珍“哈尔滨彩色冰雕”扮靓家作坊 / Little Harbin highlights

乔治·华盛顿与蛇 / George Washington with snake

爸爸 / Father

小妹妹和叔叔 / Little sister and uncle

 妈妈和小孩子 / Mother and baby


时间 date__ 2012 09 22,周六 Saturday

工作坊时间 workshop time__下午4点-6点 16:00-18:00
工作坊主题 workshop topic__玩!有关身体的游戏 Design Guide for Playing your Body
报名请联系 registration__  lianxi [at] homeshop.org.cn,010 8403 0952

身体是我们可以游戏人间的根本,我们玩的好多,玩iPhone,玩音乐,玩忧郁,玩做作,玩暧昧,玩感情,玩政治⋯⋯ 就是很少玩我们这个根本。此次家-工-作坊从讨论身体性最多的舞踏中提取一些基础元素设置了几个小游戏,让我们来玩玩我们的身体。身体多好玩,身体好好玩!

The body is the fundamental playing piece for life’s little games. We play all the time—with our iPhones, with music, with melancholy, with being a bad ass, with politics…we only play too seldom with the most basic thing. So for this Home-Work-Shop we’ll begin with a discussion on the body through game in order to get a gist for the fundamentals of butoh dance. Play your body, play with your body, oh oh, your body!

This Home-Work-Shop will be followed by a special performance by organisers YE Hui and BEIO. The DUSTbar will be seriously open to keep all seriousness play and all play serious.

演出时间 performance time__ 晚8点 20:00
票价 cost__ 30RMB(含啤酒一只 includes one beer


演出人员介绍 about the performers__


高中退学,画画写作流浪于上海,厦门,成都,长沙等地,09年开始自学舞踏,11年在印度旅行时偶遇日本舞踏家Rhizome Lee,在他的舞社(Subbody Butoh Himalaya)学习并表演。他与国内多名即兴乐手合作,参与了多场以声音与身体当场化的即兴碰撞为主的艺术项目(如2010年策划的“宁静爆破学”系列以及2012与李剑鸿,VAVABOND合作参加第四届SALLY CAN’T DANCE),现与年轻的提琴手闫玉龙进行新的组合尝试。

Butoh worker, born 1987 in Zhejiang Province. Currently living and working in Beijing.
After leaving high school, BEIO began painting and leading a drifter’s life from Shanghai to Xiamen, Chengdu to Changsha and other places. In 2009 he began self-study in butoh dance, and in 2011 during a trip to India he had a fortuitous encounter with Japanese butoh artist Rhizome Lee. He began to perform with Lee’s Subbody Butoh Himalaya dance troupe, and in China he now often works with improvisational musicians to create performances and art projects that spontaneously combust sound and the body together. Recent work includes: curation of the “A Study for Tranquil Explosion” project (2010), 4th annual Sally Can’t Dance festival collaboration with LI Jianhong and VAVABOND (2012), and new experimentation and collaboration with young violinist YAN Yulong (current).

叶慧 YE Hui

1981年生于广东,中国。1997-2002年于中国广州学习作曲和电子乐;2004-2011年在维也纳音乐与表演艺术大学学习作曲与电子音乐,师从DetlevMueller‐Siemens,German Toro‐Perez and Karlheinz Essl,并于2011年取得硕士学位。自2010在维也纳应用艺术大学攻读数码艺术专业。她以一个作曲家,媒体艺术家和自然声响以及电脑音乐表演者的身份工作和生活在维也纳。叶慧的创作以器乐作曲作品,声音视觉(audio-visual art)装置和电子即兴表演为主。她的器乐以及装置作品曾在欧洲多个音乐,艺术节被展示,如:Carinthischer Sommer、Jeunesse Wien、Moozak Festival Wien、Medienfestival Tuehbinger、World Music Days 2012 等。
Born 1981 in Guangdong, China. Studied composition and electronic music in Guangzhou from 1997 to 2002, and received her masters degree from the Vienna University of Music and Performance in 2011, with professors Detlev Mueller‐Siemens and German Toro‐Perez and Karlheinz Essl. From 2010 she also began to study digital art at the Vienna Art Academy, and she thus now works with a varied identity, combining music composition, media art, natural sound, digital music and performance. Her artwork, instrumental music work, audio-visual pieces and installations foremost create improvised interactions with digital performance. She has performed and exhibited at various music and art festivals, including: Carinthischer Sommer, Jeunesse Wien, Moozak Festival Wien, Medienfestival Tuehbinger and World Music Days 2012。

活动组织者 this Home-Work-Shop and event organised by__  北鸥 BEIO、页慧 YE Hui、何颖雅 Elaine W. HO、王尘尘 Cici WANG


northernmost mojito in the teapot
with earth from Mohe, China’s northernmost point
by Wang Chenchen

更新 update 2012.08.18





Dear friends around the world and baby kitty Small Park somewhere out there, today’s event will be live broadcast and viewable from the comfort of your internet connection! As long as ours holds out, please step in to watch and comment at www.homeshop.org.cn/live.html


行为和微广播之夜 …

An evening of actions and micro-casting


You are welcome to join us on Saturday, July 7th from 6 pm to 9 pm for an evening of performative and participatory contributions to the HomeShop ambiance, taking the form of several temporally overlapping actions:

  • 你想看啥?” —— 艺术家皮拉·埃斯库德的一个由观者掌控的电视频道
    What do you want to watch?  by Pilar ESCUDER, is an ongoing viewer-operated TV channel
  • 小气候~借东风”—— 艺术家郭颢的纸风车制作,初级气候制造工作坊
    Small climate~borrowing East wind,  by GUO Hao, is a pinwheel-making and beginners weather workshop
  • 乌冬面跳舞” —— 植村绘美的乌冬面跳舞,闪舞课程以及家作坊的邻居宋女士指导下进行的面条制作工作坊
    Udon noodle dance club,  by Emi UEMURA, is a flash dance course and noodle workshop with the tutelage of neighbor Song Jiejie
  • ” ——  意大利艺术家李山的经典背诵——选自一个经典却又不过时的演讲,议题是陷入危机的民主
    “WORDS”,  by Alessandro ROLANDI, is a recitation of a classical but timely speech on democracy in troubled times
  • 开放参与说明” —— 艺术家马艾地的尝试达成一致性决策的一次实验
    instructions for open participation, by Michael EDDY, is an experiment in consensual decision making
  • “交点” —— 郭颢的一次试图在天空中制造一个交点的尝试
    intersection,  also by GUO Hao, is an attempt to reach a common point, up high in the sky
  • 同时还有DUST吧提供秘制枣汁鸡尾酒!  
    Specially crafted for this event, Cici WANG’s DUSTBar will offer date infused cocktails


“无花果树下, 红枣树之上”由家作坊组办,是家作坊和“与我行走”项目合作的第一个活动。 “与我同行”由德国艺术家Petra JOHNSON发起,将于2012-2013年期间在科隆和北京同时进行。“与我行走”项目得到北京德国文化中心·歌德学院(中国)和德国科隆市支持。
Organized by HomeShopUnder the fig tree, above the date tree is the first installment in a cooperation between HomeShop and Walk with Me, a project initiated by Petra JOHNSON, to be realized throughout 2012 and 2013, between Cologne and Beijing. Walk with Me is kindly supported by the Goethe-Institut Beijing and the city of Cologne.


“Letter”在英文中既有字母的意思,也指代信件。在DUSTbar的“字母表”中,每个字母代表一个人,他们曾经与DUSTbar相遇,并建立了友谊。比如,A代表“阿布”,B代表“本杰明”。在Google Maps的帮助下,上面的图片展示了DUSTbar的“关系地图”。更多细节:字母表



Spring is approaching along with the sand storms. Now it’s exact the right time for flying dust, and DUSTbar starts its new plan: letters wandering.

“Letter” means either an alphabetic character or a mail. Here in the DUSTbar’s “Alphabet”, each letter stands for one person who has ever encountered DUSTbar and built up friendship with it. For example, A stands for “A Bu”, B stands for “Benjamin”. With the help of Google maps, the picture above shows the relation-map of DUSTbar. More details: Alphabet

Meanwhile, letters (mails) also hide the intimate relationship between two. As the sand storm blows, DUSTbar sends the letters to each letter on the “Alphabet”. Open it to see how the memories/emotions are left in photos/words.

When will the dust fly to your home? 

张爱玲说过,“降到尘埃, 开出花来”
虽然是小到如一粒尘埃般的酒吧, 但精华自在其中
每月穿越一次,找到 DUST bar…

11月的DUST,Edvard Munch的画、Paul Celan 的诗 和 李增辉的音乐 有怎样的联系? For our initial installment, find dark autumn companionship with Edvard Munch, Paul Celan and LI Zenghui.

Eileen Chang once said, “Step down onto dust and a flower will bloom.” Even if this is only a small as dust kind of bar, find yourself a bit freer in its midst. Beginning November, drop by HomeShop once a month for the DUST bar project.


A film screening, poetry and spontaneous outbursts will accompany the ten whiskeys/cocktails/beers served to you from the HomeShop menu of favourites.

我们同时供应来自“家作 坊最爱名单”上的10不同威士忌 / 鸡 尾酒 / 啤酒。
Make your reservations before 12.00 pm, November 4th by sending an e-mail to lianxi@homeshop.org.cn or private message to @HomeShop on Sina Weibo.

时间 TIME:11月4 日,周五晚上 20:00- 你想回家的时候
  /  Friday, 4 November, from 20:00
地点 LOCATION:家作坊(北 京东城区交道口北二条8号)
电话 TELEPHONE:010-8403 0952

所有DUST bar的收 入将用于支持家作坊未来更丰富的活动。谢谢你的支持!
All proceeds from the DUST bar project go towards sustaining great future activities at HomeShop. Thank you for your support!