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7 pm, August 29th, 2013
Caterina Riva
“Toothpick Geometries”


“I will give some background context on the establishment of FormContent in London and speak of some of the curatorial projects we worked on in that capacity, in shifting situations, from a gallery to an art fair. The second part of the talk will touch upon my move to New Zealand in mid 2011 to take up the directorship of Artspace in Auckland and the challenges of moving to a new place, where different rules and a different audience are in place. A few selected projects from my time there will be presented and discussed.”

Caterina Riva has been the Director of Artspace NZ since 2011, her recent curated projects include Goldin+Senneby M&A and the upcoming solo show by Tahi Moore. 
Riva was co-director and curator of FormContent, a not for profit curatorial space she helped found in East London (2007-2011). After her studies in Italy, Riva received her MFA in Curating at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Between 2004 and 2008 she was the Coordinator of the Advanced Course in Visual Arts for Fondazione Ratti in Como, Northern Italy.


Caterina Riva


从2011起Caterina Riva任ArtspaceNZ总监,她最近策划的项目包有Goldin+Senneby《M&A》以及即将举行的个展Tahi Moore。Riva历任FormContent的总监和策展人,FormContent是一个在她协助下创办于东伦敦的非营利的策展空间(2007-2011年)。在意大利攻读后,Riva在伦敦大学戈登史密斯学院(Goldsmiths College)获美术策展硕士学位。在2004年和2008年之间,Riva与他人合作在意大利北部的科摩为基金会Ratti主办视觉艺术高级课程。

Tyler Coburn (USA) will be performing I’m that angel in HomeShop at 7 pm on Saturday, August 3rd. The language of performance will be English.

“I’m that angel is a cycle of writings and performances that explore the conditions of how we work on and against the computer, narrated from the perspective of a “content farmer”: an emergent type of online journalist contracted to generate articles based on words peaking in Google Trends.” —Tyler Coburn

八月三日下午7时泰勒科伯恩(美国)将在家作坊做《我是那个天使》行为艺术表演。工作语言:英语。 “我是天使”是一个系列写作和行为艺术,探讨我们是如何用电脑工作又对其充满无奈的状态。从一个“时文佃户”的视角来叙述:一种新兴网络记者,受雇于人,以谷歌高频词为基础生成文章。


Tyler Coburn (b. 1983, New York City) is an artist and writer based in New York.  He received a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature from Yale University and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.  Coburn’s projects have been presented at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; the Whitney Museum of American Art; Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp; CAC Vilnius; LAXART, Los Angeles; and SculptureCenter, New York.

泰勒科伯恩(出生1983年,紐約市),長年在纽约市發展,具有藝術家和作家背景。 他獲得耶魯大學的比較文學文學士以及洛杉磯南加州大學美 術碩士。
科伯恩的作品已在倫 敦當代藝術院以及惠特尼美國藝術博物館、安特衛普和紐約的雕塑中心展示。


带上任何可以发声的“乐器”,来参加由泰国爵士音乐家Pharadon Phonamnuai带来的即兴音乐工作坊,6月4日周二晚7点-9点,活动免费,私信报名
. 来参加吧!

Bring any and all “instruments” to participate in an improvisational jazz workshop at HomeShop with Chiang Mai-based saxophonist Pharadon Phonamnuai (Thailand).
 Free event, all welcome to join!

Pharadon是来自泰国清迈的爵士Sax乐手,目前领衔以下乐队:Kantok jazz Ensemble <Improvise, Avant-Garde Jazz>, Vachapuj Trio <Improvise> 和 the Bohemian Jazz Quartet. 

Pharadon Phonamnuai is saxophonist of the Kantok jazz Ensemble <Improv avantgarde jazz band>,Vachapuj trio <Improv band> and the Bohemian jazz quartet. He lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he does some gigs and is a fixture of the jazz scene. Most nights of the week, he plays at the North Gate jazz co-op with a regular gig. He has toured throughout Thailand, with several trips  playing music overseas, including 2006-2008 in Kyoto Japan, and in 2004 spent a period of time in New York city, studying jazz.

Pharadon Phonamnuai : http://www.myspace.com/pharadonphonamnuai/


Jiaodaokou Beiertiao #8 Dongcheng Distr. Beijing
T__ +86 (0)10 8403 0952 

E__ lianxi@homeshop.org.cn

图片Drawing:  Emi Uemura


在过去的两个星期,家作坊与北京都市农耕联盟的简明清准备了一个很NB的项目:复合养殖! 想法是在屋顶上构建一个鱼与植物的共生系统。具体措施是在一个面积15平方米的穹形暖室中,放置一个容量为2千升的鱼缸并在鱼缸的周围种植蔬菜。计划目前尚处于筹备阶段,在基本结构完成之后,我们会在下个月开始养鱼。如果你有种植,养鱼,工程设计,网页设计,翻译等方面的才华,并希望加入到这个项目中,那就尽管来吧。


Spring is in the air! Let’s wake up from hibernation and plant the city.

Over the last weeks, we (HomeShop and Beijing Urban Farmers Union’s Jonas Nakonz) have been preparing a pilot project for urban aquaponics in HomeShop. The aim is to grow fish and vegetables in an integrated system on the roof. So far, we’ve been gathering information and creating a rough design for a 2000 Liter fish tank and about 10m2 of vegetables, in a geodesic dome greenhouse. Now it’s a matter of refining the design, sourcing components, and starting to build. We hope to add fish to our tank within a month from now. We would be glad for any contribution of ideas/skills in gardening, fish farming, building, engineering, web programming, translation, etc. Everybody is cordially invited to join our learning journey!

We meet at HomeShop this Saturday, March 9th at 2pm for a kickoff meeting. For newcomers, the idea of aquaponics will be introduced. We’ll discuss where we’re at and how to proceed. With a little luck, we may be ready to build the greenhouse structure that day. (If we aren’t killed by sandstorms.)

Beijing Urban Farmers Union

时间 date__ 2012 09 22,周六 Saturday

工作坊时间 workshop time__下午4点-6点 16:00-18:00
工作坊主题 workshop topic__玩!有关身体的游戏 Design Guide for Playing your Body
报名请联系 registration__  lianxi [at] homeshop.org.cn,010 8403 0952

身体是我们可以游戏人间的根本,我们玩的好多,玩iPhone,玩音乐,玩忧郁,玩做作,玩暧昧,玩感情,玩政治⋯⋯ 就是很少玩我们这个根本。此次家-工-作坊从讨论身体性最多的舞踏中提取一些基础元素设置了几个小游戏,让我们来玩玩我们的身体。身体多好玩,身体好好玩!

The body is the fundamental playing piece for life’s little games. We play all the time—with our iPhones, with music, with melancholy, with being a bad ass, with politics…we only play too seldom with the most basic thing. So for this Home-Work-Shop we’ll begin with a discussion on the body through game in order to get a gist for the fundamentals of butoh dance. Play your body, play with your body, oh oh, your body!

This Home-Work-Shop will be followed by a special performance by organisers YE Hui and BEIO. The DUSTbar will be seriously open to keep all seriousness play and all play serious.

演出时间 performance time__ 晚8点 20:00
票价 cost__ 30RMB(含啤酒一只 includes one beer


演出人员介绍 about the performers__


高中退学,画画写作流浪于上海,厦门,成都,长沙等地,09年开始自学舞踏,11年在印度旅行时偶遇日本舞踏家Rhizome Lee,在他的舞社(Subbody Butoh Himalaya)学习并表演。他与国内多名即兴乐手合作,参与了多场以声音与身体当场化的即兴碰撞为主的艺术项目(如2010年策划的“宁静爆破学”系列以及2012与李剑鸿,VAVABOND合作参加第四届SALLY CAN’T DANCE),现与年轻的提琴手闫玉龙进行新的组合尝试。

Butoh worker, born 1987 in Zhejiang Province. Currently living and working in Beijing.
After leaving high school, BEIO began painting and leading a drifter’s life from Shanghai to Xiamen, Chengdu to Changsha and other places. In 2009 he began self-study in butoh dance, and in 2011 during a trip to India he had a fortuitous encounter with Japanese butoh artist Rhizome Lee. He began to perform with Lee’s Subbody Butoh Himalaya dance troupe, and in China he now often works with improvisational musicians to create performances and art projects that spontaneously combust sound and the body together. Recent work includes: curation of the “A Study for Tranquil Explosion” project (2010), 4th annual Sally Can’t Dance festival collaboration with LI Jianhong and VAVABOND (2012), and new experimentation and collaboration with young violinist YAN Yulong (current).

叶慧 YE Hui

1981年生于广东,中国。1997-2002年于中国广州学习作曲和电子乐;2004-2011年在维也纳音乐与表演艺术大学学习作曲与电子音乐,师从DetlevMueller‐Siemens,German Toro‐Perez and Karlheinz Essl,并于2011年取得硕士学位。自2010在维也纳应用艺术大学攻读数码艺术专业。她以一个作曲家,媒体艺术家和自然声响以及电脑音乐表演者的身份工作和生活在维也纳。叶慧的创作以器乐作曲作品,声音视觉(audio-visual art)装置和电子即兴表演为主。她的器乐以及装置作品曾在欧洲多个音乐,艺术节被展示,如:Carinthischer Sommer、Jeunesse Wien、Moozak Festival Wien、Medienfestival Tuehbinger、World Music Days 2012 等。
Born 1981 in Guangdong, China. Studied composition and electronic music in Guangzhou from 1997 to 2002, and received her masters degree from the Vienna University of Music and Performance in 2011, with professors Detlev Mueller‐Siemens and German Toro‐Perez and Karlheinz Essl. From 2010 she also began to study digital art at the Vienna Art Academy, and she thus now works with a varied identity, combining music composition, media art, natural sound, digital music and performance. Her artwork, instrumental music work, audio-visual pieces and installations foremost create improvised interactions with digital performance. She has performed and exhibited at various music and art festivals, including: Carinthischer Sommer, Jeunesse Wien, Moozak Festival Wien, Medienfestival Tuehbinger and World Music Days 2012。

活动组织者 this Home-Work-Shop and event organised by__  北鸥 BEIO、页慧 YE Hui、何颖雅 Elaine W. HO、王尘尘 Cici WANG

Update你一下… Just a few updates…

谢谢美国《Art Papers》杂志批评家Jason WAITE的9月份报告!文章可以在这里下载
HomeShop landed a few pages in the latest issue of Art Papers magazine—thank you, Jason WAITE! Download a PDF of the article here.

WEAR journal number three is now finally in print! More information coming soon, but starting this week, you can also just come and get it.

To welcome the new school year, the Ten Thousand Item Treasury will soon be featuring selected items from the collection, hand-picked by members of the library. We’re a bit backlogged on new items, but expect at least 100 new books, DVDs and other paraphernalia to join the library soon~

The Lijiang Studio mural stories book launch was held a few weeks ago (hurrah to Lisa and Jay and that heavy Yunnan concoction), and HomeShop will continue to carry copies of the book for hushed exchange to anyone who’s interested in purchasing. Contact or come by…

第二期北京城市农业联合会的工作坊由Ayumi MATSUZAKA主持,她在家作坊的屋顶上向我们介绍了一些很好的DIY收集堆肥的窍门,还与我们分享了她参加的一个为期一年的“大便和蔬菜循环收获”的项目~ 依爷!!!
The second meeting of the Beijing Urban Farmers’ Union was graciously led by Ayumi MATSUZAKA, who took our farmers up to the roof to learn more about home composting, extended cycles of harvesting poo and vegetables and more.

家作坊的第一次“愤怒管理”课不久前在草厂地哪里哪里空间举办。受艺术家郭颢之邀,观众可以在他的个展开幕日用竹棒捶打我们的手工艺品“品牙塔”(不过没想到我们的“半空半满 悲观乐观计量杯”实在是太结实了,承受了十多个猛击者的猛烈捶打之后才破开,并最终暴露出它的秘密们…
The first HomeShop anger management course took place as part of GUO Hao’s exhibition at Where Where space in Caochangdi, where guests were invited to slam our piñata with a splitting bamboo stick. The steadfast half-empty half-full pessimist-optimist measuring cup bore the weight of many a clobber, however, and it wasn’t until about ten batters later that it finally caved in and revealed its many secrets…

HomeShop is super happy to welcome art historian PhD student Orianna back to Beijing and the HomeShop workspace after a short visit to throw baseballs at Prada stores in the U.S. of A (more about that in Wear journal number three) last year. She is currently sharing the space with SugarJar‘s Lao YANG, Pilar and new co-workers Katharina, Ray and Shannon.

夏去秋来,白昼渐短,家作坊也将配合季节的转换,慢慢缩短我们的开放时间,准备进入今年的冬眠。当然始终欢迎大家过来,但是为了避免你白跑一趟,建议来之前先给我们这些熊孩子们打个电话 010 8403 0952 预个约~ 不然谁愿意在大冷天儿里爬起来呢?吼吼⋯⋯
We’re getting ready for winter hibernation and it’s about time for a slow down. HomeShop will shorten its opening hours to match the days, so while dropping by is always welcome, you might not always find us here. Call us before you come to make sure we’re in~ 010 8403 0952

日期/时间 date__ 9月7日周日,下午5点 | Friday, 7 September, 17:00
地点 location__ 家作坊 HomeShop



2012年9月7日下午5点,也就是本周五下午5点,我们很荣幸的邀请到一位很特别的专家来分享户用厨余堆肥技术,她是来自日本旅居柏林的艺术家、园艺师Ayumi Matsuzaka。在过去几年中,Ayumi Matsuzaka在全世界推介她在食物,废弃物及自然循环方面的知识。最近她也参加了在伊比利亚当代艺术中心的“改变的力量!美学与可持续性的探索”系列活动。如果你错过了她在伊比利亚当代艺术中心的活动,人生将在家作坊给你第二次机会,不容再次错过哦!



Beijing Urban Farming Union: home composting workshop

The first Beijing Urban Farming Union event has met with great interest and we vowed to continue a series of workshops and meetings to learn about growing food in the city. It all begins with the soil, but accessing soil and organic nutrients has proven to be a problem in the city; meanwhile, the dumpsites are still filled with 63% kitchen waste, polluting the environment. So practical solutions for home composting are at the top of the priority list.

This Friday (7 September 2012) at 5pm, we will have the pleasure to learn a proven home composting method from a very distinguished specialist. Ayumi Matsuzaka is a japanese artist and gardener living in Berlin; she has travelled the world spreading her knowledge on food, waste, and natural cycles for several years; in Beijing she also takes part of the sustainability/art series “Examples to Follow” at Iberia Art center. For those who couldn’t meet her there, life gives you a second chance at HomeShop. Don’t miss it!

We will learn about the urban gardening movement in Berlin and focus on a small-scale non-smelly composting method for your apartment/balcony/rooftop. If you have a used bucket or box with a lid (up to 40 liters), you can bring it to the workshop and take home your starter kit.

Please register in advance for us to prepare the materials.

价格 cost__ 20元

报名请联系 please rsvp__ lianxi@homeshop.org.cn

北京都市农耕联盟 启动会:8月11日,16:00 @家作坊
Beijing Urban Farming Union kickoff meeting: August 11, 16:00 @ HomeShop

诚邀您来家作坊参加这次有关都市农耕交流,来认识志同道合的朋友,了解关于都市农耕的实际情况和DIY自己动手的技术,与其他朋友分享自己的知识和经验。 从哪弄土壤和肥料? 从哪获得种子? 用什么容器? 在哪种? 该如何共同努力才能把都市农耕变得更容易更有趣呢? 为了解答这些问题,我们将组织参观家作坊的实地小农场、堆肥实验及种子交换库,对小型的民间及社区农耕行动进行介绍,探讨连接不同的农耕群体(包括潜在的农耕者)并促进他们的合作的可能途径。 我们应该在城市里种植更多的粮食和蔬菜! 这次交流会就是为了邀请大家参与进来!

Please join us for a gathering at HomeShop to exchange on urban farming in Beijing. It’s an opportunity to meet likeminded people, learn some facts and d.i.y. techniques, and share knowledge and experiences. How can we access soil and fertilizer? Where can we get seeds? What materials can we use for containers, and where can we put them? How can we work together to make it easier and more fun?

To address these questions, on the agenda will be a tour of HomeShop’s on-site small farm and composting experiments and Seed Exchange Bank, presentations on small civil-society and community initiatives into agriculture in Beijing, and envisioning possible ways of linking up and cooperating among diverse groups of growers (and potential growers).

We should grow more food in the cities! This meeting is an invitation to get involved.

Co-organized by HomeShop and Jonas Nakonz 

在家门口种上一株黄瓜,即刻你就被转移到一个包含所有下列事物的宇宙:全球政治,复杂生态系统,社会变化,减缓气候变化,DIY技术,大大提高的生活质量和关注自然之美带来的精神上感悟。 民以食为天,但是平常你吃的食物可能带来生物多样性破坏,全球气候变化,土壤和水的污染。
数据: 在中国,农业一个部门排放的温室气体是整个工业部门的将近两倍。每年中国使用约有5千万吨化学肥料,但只有17%被作物吸收,其余的则都流失到了环境中。更不用说,每年喷洒在你食物上的150万吨农药,还有在生产这些农药过程中使用的煤炭能源。而在中国,马路上30%的耗油大卡车实际上是在运送粮食。如果你能闻到饭菜里的燃油气味,肯定吃不下饭!
中国的城市化带来了人类历史上最大规模的人口迁移,也创造了大约1万平方公里的可使用的屋顶面积,这些空间给有机种植者提供了一个庞大的舞台来解决前面提到的问题。此外,大量的有机质以厨余垃圾的形式被浪费。北京每天就填埋处理8千吨,焚烧处理2千吨厨余垃圾,而这些厨余垃圾完全经过堆肥处理制成有机肥来供都市农耕使用。 在市区,“桶园艺”令人耳目一新,尤其在中老年人中很流行。但都市农耕的潜力远远不止于此。技术琳琅满目,从利用回收的瓶子完成自灌的简易系统到由传感器控制的自动化农场,非常有意思。任何空间和环境都有其用武之地。都市农耕能把灰暗压抑的水泥空间变成令人耳目一新的的放松与聊天场所。它创新社区、交流网络、以及教育和能力建设的平台。不要再等政府来帮忙解决我们这个星球的问题。如果你种下那棵黄瓜,那么你就为一项伟大的事业贡献了一份力量!

Plant a cucumber at your doorstep and you’re instantly beamed into a universe of global politics, complex ecosystems, social change, climate change mitigation, d.i.y. technology, massively improved quality of life and spiritual enlightenment contemplating the beauty of nature. Food sustains life; but eating your average food can contribute to the destruction of biodiversity, global warming and poisoning of soils and water.
Some figures: Chinese agriculture emits almost twice as much greenhouse gas than its entire industrial sector. Of the yearly 50 Million tons of inorganic fertilizer poured onto Chinese soil, only 17% is taken up by crops. The rest is “lost to the environment”. Not to mention the yearly dose of 1.5 million tons of toxic pesticides sprayed on your food, and the coal-burning energy to produce that stuff. What is more, 30% of all fuel guzzling trucks on Chinese roads are actually transporting food – if you could smell the carbon in your dish you’d choke.
Chinese urbanization – the largest migration in human history – has led to the creation of an estimated 10,000 km2 of unused rooftop area in China; that’s a big playground for organic gardeners to counter these problems. There’s tons of wasted organic matter; Beijing alone sends 8000 tons of food waste to the landfills every day and burns another 2000 tons. All of that could be put into compost bins and provide clean nutrients for your food. In Chinese cities, bucket gardening is refreshingly popular, particularly among the elderly. But the potential of urban farming goes far beyond. There are fascinating technologies, ranging from easy self-watering systems from recycled bottles to sensor-controlled automated farms. There is something smart for every space and condition. Urban farming can transform gray concrete into spaces of relaxation and dialogue. It creates community, networks of exchange, a platform for education and empowerment. Don’t wait until governments solve the problems of this planet. If you plant that cucumber, you’re part of a big thing!

Update你一下… Just a few updates

谢谢纽约新博物馆和《Art Asia Pacific》杂志,上个月收到他们一起出版的《艺术空间目录》!曲哥也用过当枕头,很实用!
Last month we received our copy of The New Museum & Art Asia Pacific‘s Art Spaces Directory. Thank you to all those who put in hard work to put it together, it’s a big book!

2010年被叫成“Life Stylists”之后,《明日风尚》给家作坊做了新定义:“Retail Star”。
After being called “Life Stylists” in 2010, MING magazine now gives new life to HomeShop. In June 2012, we are the “Retail Star”.

Thank you to SubJAM, Phil MINTON and Audrey CHEN for organizing HomeWorkShop No. 13 with us last week! Listen to a selected recording of the evening above.
(摄影 photo__ Michael EDDY)

2011年6月,Pilar和欧阳正在搬她从宜家买的床。Pilar and Xiao prepare to move the bed she bought from IKEA, June 2011. (摄影 photo__ 何颖雅 Elaine W. HO)

这周六30号家作坊将网上参加艺术家Laura YUILE和Orsoly BAJUSZ举办的“创意与策划实践舒适区:一个以特定场域会议”,在英国曼彻斯特市的宜家家具店。
On Saturday, 30 June, HomeShop will interweb-ly participate in the the “Site-Specific Symposium on Comfort Zones in Creative and Curatorial Practices” hosted by Laura YUILE and Orsolya BAJUSZ at the IKEA in Manchester, UK.

A few days ago, Xiao and Twist set the pet cricket ZENG Lin bought for us free. A few hours later and accompanying much squealing commotion, we discovered Small Park had orally captured the bug for lunch. “Brother QU likes life, but he keeps accidentally killing things.” (摄影 photo__ 何颖雅 Elaine W. HO)









Dear all:

Good to know you are still in town (despite of the PM 2.5 and traffic jam) and are stronger (that’s why you are here, i guess).
We spent some money in Hollywood for advertise our Miji Concert. You will see it from the scene of “agent O speaking alien language” in Men in Black 3.
So we present Phil MINTON and Audrey CHEN, masters of voice improvisation. You will know how human body extending to a magical instrument.

On June 20th at HomeShop there is a workshop for anyone who are interesting on voice, hold by Phil and Audrey. We start at 7:00 PM sharp.

On June 21st, at 2Kolegas. we start at 8:30 PM sharp.

Pls check attachment for details. Registration for the workshop is required, small pls help donation fee of 30 RMB.

Pls tell your friends in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xi’an as well. It’s a great news for new music lover. Pls make them happy.

家-工-作坊第13回由撒把芥末与家作坊组织。Home-Work-Shop No. 13 is organised by SUBjam and HomeShop.