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  • 举办全天的交换市集
  • 组织种子换种子以及书换书
  • 安排以“可替代经济”为主题的演说及讨论



1:30-2:15 —  “集资在中国”… 何峰,demohour公司的创始人主讲(中文)

2:30-3:15 — “北京的另类空间和价值”… 家作坊,艺术家群落空间和北京城市农民联盟创始人联合主持(中/英文)

3:30-4:15 — “股东,利益相关者,和群落”… 傅强主持,北京外国语大学,IES北京中心驻地学者。目前在本大学讲授中国的环境,政府,市民社会和外交政策等课程。卡尔利斯Rokpelnis,民族大学民族生态学学生(中/英文)

4:30-5:15  —  “奇怪的经济:利用市场机制提高公平性和幸福”的优点和缺点,Raya Yampolsky致力于北京环境和国际事务交叉处的事业,探讨满足二十一世纪需求的系统性的解决方案。(英文)


想要来参加,您只需要把您不再需要的各种宝贝们在6月15日12点至晚6点期间带到家作坊,参加宝贝交换!不过你得小心哦,我们Waobao团队可是会对 您的宝贝们进行鉴定估“价”,甚至会决定拒收您太过破旧的宝贝们。我们也欢迎您来交换您的技能或是服务,比如说语言课、烹饪课什么的。所有宝物,先到先 得;特别棒的呢,我们会在18点开始拍“卖”!

北京市东城区交道口北二条8号,邮编:100007 (北新桥地铁西北方向第二个胡同)电话 (中): 13811809604


WaoBao! 3!

Date and time:
June 15th, 12-7PM

On Saturday June 15th leave your wallets at home and take part in HomeShop’s third edition of WaoBao!, where crowds from all corners of the city gather together and swap to their heart’s content. Organized by members of HomeShop (artist-run community space and founders of Beijing Urban Farmers Union) and Suvi Rautio (co-organizer of brandnu’s shipping container swap event held in March, 2012), Waobao is a no-money zone swapping bazaar with all day creative workshops and talks exploring sustainable lifestyles.

This year WaoBao! will feature:

  • An all-day participatory swapping bazaar
  • Seed-swap and book-share groups organized sporadically throughout the day
  • Talks and open discussions under the heading “Alternative Economies”



1:30-2:15 — “Crowdfunding in China” … He Feng, Co-founder of Demohour (CN)

2:30-3:15 — “Beijing’s Alternative Spaces and Value” … HomeShop, Artist-run community space and founders of Beijing Urban Farmers Union (CN/ENG)

3:30-4:15 — “Shareholder, Stakeholder, and Community” … Chad Futrell 傅强, Resident Scholar at the IES Beijing Center at Beijing Foreign Studies University where he teaches courses on China’s environment, government, civil society, and foreign policy; Karlis Rokpelnis, Ethnoecology PhD candidate at Minzu University. (CN/EN)

4:30-5:15 — “Strange Economies: The merits and shortcomings of using market-based mechanisms to increase equitability and well-being” … Raya Yampolsky, Pursuing a career at the intersection of environmental and international affairs in Beijing to explore systemic solutions to meet the needs of the 21st century. (ENG)


To take part, all you need to do is bring all your unwanted goods to HomeShop on June 15th from 12 to 6pm and swap! Do keep in mind, the WaoBao! team can appraise or reject broken or damaged goods at their discretion. We are also open for participants to swap services and skills, such as language and cooking classes.  All items go on a first come, first served basis, and selected priority items will be set aside to be auctioned off at 6pm on the day.

Jiaodaokou Beiertiao Number 8 (second hutong north-west from Beixinqiao subway)
Beijing 100007 Dongcheng District. Tel (EN): 15001127304



WaoBao! 2 照片 pictures!

To follow updates over the next couple of days visit the HomeShop websiteDoubanFacebook events pages or follow our posts on Weibo @jiazuofang & @我是小苏v. 

欲知活动各种细节,请在活动前访问家作坊网站, Facebook 或者刷刷微博 @jiazuofang / @我是小苏v,逛逛豆瓣小组。 

WaoBao Helpers!: If you would like to participate in volunteering to help prepare and assist in running the event, please get in touch with Suvi (suviprautio@gmail.com) or Michael (michaelceddy@gmail.com)

支持WaoBao!:如果你愿意以志愿者身份加入并帮助我们做活动的准备工作,请与Suvi (suviprautio@gmail.com) 或迈克尔 (michaelceddy@gmail.com) 联系。

See you on Saturday! 

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