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失物品 009:橄榄绿和黑彩格呢羊毛围巾

Lost & Found Object No. 009: olive & black plaid woolen scarf
Date & Time: some point in April 2011 (exact date & time unknown)
Location: HomeShop (Jiaodaokou Beiertiao Number 8)

失物品010:新买的”clothes/shop 衣”的蓝白格子衬衫(39号,价格标:人民币680元)

Lost & Found Object No. 010: freshly purchased “clothes/shop 衣” brand blue & white checkered button-down shirt (size 39, listed price RMB 680 yuan)
Date & Time: some point in April 2011 (exact date & time unknown)
Location: HomeShop (Jiaodaokou Beiertiao Number 8)


如果您要收回这些物品,请跟家作坊联系Please contact HomeShop to reclaim these items.

姓名: 江老焉儿 (左)/ 百利 (右)
年龄: 江老焉儿:22百利22
你从什么地方来的? 江老焉儿:北京人百利:一样
你们在这里作什么? 江老焉儿:开网店,做vintage服饰百利:学设计
你早上穿衣服的时候,什么更重要——自己穿得舒服(包括心理)或者从外面看起来好看? 江老焉儿:心理感受比较重要吧
当你今天穿上这身衣服的时候是什么感觉? 江老焉儿:舒服范儿百利:是那种随时可以去睡觉的感觉。
关于你今天穿的衣服有没有什么故 事或者特别的回忆?请给大家描绘一下。 江老焉儿:有什么特别的话,那就是上衣是我妈妈的,估计是她年轻时的衣服。还有,我手里的这个蓝色包,是去上缝纫课用的,里面都是上课用到的布和乱七八糟的材料。

Jianglaoyan’r and Baili are 22 year-old newskool Beijingers. We found them passing by hipster/tourist-laden Nanluoguxiang, reunited arm-in-arm after a long half-year of not hanging out together. Jianglaoyan’r passes her days with an online vintage shop on Taobao and tailoring classes on the side (her blue bag is filled with her latest sewing project); Baili is studying design. The number of vintage shops that have sprung up in the neighbourhood in the last year is indeed a sign of the trendy rising (fall of the old superstitions…); all of our post-80’s born friends are just so nostalgic over histories that they haven’t had yet.

If this question of what we do and who we are must persist, if i must excuse myself for being an artist or being a designer or explain where the (any) money is coming from, then let us turn it into a discussion and practice at once, in process. We have been looking at HomeShop, ourselves, the general context, what we are doing and what we would like to do. All of these questions are tainted by labels, the disjunctures of what we believe versus what/how things are, or how they should be presented, or perhaps if i were to tell you how i really feel you wouldn’t understand anyway, or, they are all my own failures in communication. Language is weak and inadequate.

That said, I begin this conversation with a series of descriptions, rather as a series of self-composed (from the archive of all influences, inspirations, histories and desires) groundings for what may come. HomeShop is our space, moreso a thinking-acting process, i would like to say juxtaposed upon a series of precipices that mark a critical moment of exchange, or, a spinning in the revolving door. It could be the point where one label takes over another, what was thought to be is art is not, how one understands community is mistaken. How one organises things, mentally or at the work table, becomes our most crucial, ahem, point of order, the pivot between now and tomorrow, relationality, design for life. Design is about organisation as it is about choice, and if we should coordinate things with forethought to the future, or with an idea of how we relate to our surroundings, then perhaps we could imagine design and aesthetics as a micropolitical climate by which a day-to-day ethics occur. We are designers and artists and theorists and politicians. Nothing absurd at all.

To get anywhere with the concept, you have to retain the manyness of its forms. It’s not something that can be reduced to one thing. Mainly because it’s not a thing. It’s an event, or a dimension of every event. What interests me in the concept is that if you approach it respecting its variety, you are presented with a field of questioning, a problematic field, where the customary divisions that questions about subjectivity, becoming, or the political are usually couched in do not apply.

— Brian Massumi, “Of Microperception and Micropolitics

We try to learn more about where rivers flow into lakes. Sustainability as a question of time, of slow persistence, of finding one’s own rhythms amidst enormous disparity, a Gini coefficient or a biological clock. How time relates to organisation is a kind of lifelong project, the 江湖 of HomeShop as a kind of “alternative practice”. There again, those attempts at description that feel sheepish, but let us say again that these things refer always back to the things we are doing everyday, making with hands, absorbing with eyes and ears and heart. Big brother and his wife got into a fight yesterday, and one cannot help but be coaxed out of house to try to try to nose in on the rising tension on our little street. It becomes a community affair, although Taotao’s dad says it’s “家务的事” (a household matter). Rivers flow into lakes. We try as we can to describe, as much as shape, the passing of time. This is the manyness of the event as we experience it or produce it, and such continual reciprocation is the very becoming of the project itself.

Beijing, CN weather for 13 august 2008:  bright, white clouds , high 30° – low 23° C.

家作坊 HomeShop, 12:33

家作坊 HomeShop, 13:45

家作坊 HomeShop, 13:31




“A friend came back from America and brought these for me, but I can’t even wear them. They’ve just been sitting around the house useless. How can Chinese people wear these kinds of clothes? Look on the street, who’d wear something like this? Chinese people can’t wear these kinds of clothes. Why on earth would they buy these kinds of things?”

“You should have asked for U.S. dollars instead, ha ha!”

“Or Euros, dollars aren’t worth so much anymore!”

家作坊 HomeShop, 13:36
传给我们之前,阿姨最后一次试试穿她的大豹子图案外衣。 Auntie tries on her leopard print coat one last time before donating to HomeShop.

Beijing, CN weather for 14 august 2008: brightly cloudy with light thunderstorms and showers, high 29° – low 20° C.

家作坊日志:  准备两个大箱子寄上海去,为Inga Svala Thorsdottir开始创作她参加广州三年展的新装置作品。到现在收的衣服有从小朋友来,还有一个上海来的中央戏剧学院老师,一个河南来的邻居,和某些阿妈和老太太热心的侃一个好价卖他们的衣服。顺丰快递来的师傅吃完饭过来帮我把包好好装和检查。可是我好好折的衣服都被弄乱了。

notes from HomeShop: packing two boxes for Shanghai, preparations begin for Inga Svala Thorsdottir‘s new installation piece for the 2008 Guangzhou Triennale. collections thus far have come from young children, a Shanghainese music/drama teacher at the Central Academy of Drama, neighbour and mother from Henan, and quite a few other grandmas and lao taitais eager to bargain a good price. The nice man from Shun Feng Express Shipping Company came over after his lunch to help me pack and inspect the boxes, except all the clothes I had nicely folded together became very messy.

beijing, CN weather for 9 august 2008: cloudy and overcast, high 34° C – low 26° C.
inadvertent transactions between free plum juice, new and old visitors to Beijing and HomeShop,
..an economic observer speculates, the buying and selling are unequal measures
to the momentary rest of a Shanghai lady having relocated to Beijing thirty years ago
..and trading turquoise sequins for a neighbourly hello…
上面: 从一个住在南罗鼓巷的小姑娘回收得衣服。她叫我“阿姨“。
above: clothing collected from a young girl who lives at nanluoguxiang. she calls me “ayi”.

从这个周末开始,你可以带着在你衣柜里占地儿或者不合身的或者…的旧衣服来到我们的家作坊(浅色和亮色都可以:),深色不要),一个来自冰岛的艺术家Inga Svala Thorsdottir希望用这些衣服来完成她在广州三年展的新作品。(10-30元不等的收购价,如果你在衣服堆儿里发现了非想要不可的衣服,ok,可以用你带来的衣服免费交换!)加入我们一起来消磨这难得的奥运会假期把!除了满屋子飞的中文和英文~更有超级无敌好喝酸梅汤等着你!还等什么?

家作坊小团队一起去Yah Studio(亚状态互动)

周六(8.9号)的夜晚,跟家作坊小团队一起去Yah studio(亚状态互动)参加列奥林匹克的跨科学聚会!演讲的客人们包括:董冰峰 (策展人,尤伦斯当代艺术中心);张安定 (艺术家);杰夫里·卢德罗 (首席设计师,二乘四北京事务所);李孟夏 (传媒创意人)以及家作坊小团队的何新城 (主席,动态城市基金会)和何颖雅

带给你丰富多彩周末活动的人们是:胡宇君,Inga Svala Thorsdottir高灵,韩彦和娄艺萌。

This weekend and throughout the HomeShop Games project bring your unwanted clothing to sell and be part of Icelandic artist Inga Svala Thorsdottir‘s new installation to be included in this year’s Guangzhou Triennale. Receive 5-20 yuan per piece (light/bright coloured only please!), or maybe trade for someone else’s clothes, and have some homemade plum juice while you’re here. Come by and let’s chat an Olympic chat, English and Chinese, we’re all still learning.

HomeShop visits Yah Interactive Lab

9 August 2008
People’s Art Printing Factory
No. 7 Ban Qiao South Alley, West Courtyard
(subway line 5 Beixinqiao)
On August 9th, Saturday evening, join HomeShop as we pay a visit to Yah Interactive Lab and a little Leolympic get together. Guests/speakers include Dong Bingfeng (Curator, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art), Zafka Zhang (Sound/noise artist), Jeffrey Ludlow (2×4 Studio), Sam Lee (Media Creative), and HomeShop participants Neville Mars (Dynamic City Foundation) and Elaine Ho.

This weekend’s events are brought to you by Philana Woo, Inga Thorsdottir, Gao Ling, Han Yan and Lo Yimeng.

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日程安排 More events coming up:

TBA | 何新城在家作坊设置了一个可以跨屋内到街道拍摄和录象的装置,没多久你就能在网上看到! Neville Mars creates a surveillance installation inside HomeShop. Watch from inside to streetside, soon online!