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Thursday, 23 December 2010
from 10 am until press time, hurrah to follow

为 了庆祝家作坊成功移师交道口北二条, 我们诚邀您加入我们为期一天的报纸制作工作坊,与我们分享您生活中大大小小的新鲜事儿。作为初来乍到的新人,我们对于自己所 处的环境——北新桥这一带也不太熟悉,希望您能与我们一起来认识认识这附近的街坊四邻。

12月23日,星期四,新的家作坊将变成一个集讨论,编辑与印刷于一处的热闹场所。我们将出版一张具有我们独特作坊风格的大 幅双面报纸,其中了包含了我们所处的胡同中最新,最劲爆的新闻。


重大新 闻与北二条泄密、社论、艺术评论与社评、金融、体育、家居与烹饪、八卦、星象学、天气

编辑室将从早上10点开始开放,我们将在晚上免费发放丝网印刷报纸。您可以全天参与我们的活动或只是稍作逗 留。您可以加入到我们的各项活 动来,包括报道、翻译、平面设计与印刷。间休时间编辑室备有饮料和小吃。


In celebration of the big news that HomeShop has relocated to Jiaodaokou Beiertiao, we’d like to invite you to come by and share your big or small news story with us for a one-day newspaper production workshop. As the newcomers on the block, we are just beginning to learn the latest comings and goings of the Beixinqiao crowd, and we’d like you to visit and get to know the neighbours with us.

On Thursday, the 23rd of December, the new HomeShop will become a site for the discussion, editing and printing of a broadsheet to reveal the latest local news with the flair of our own homegrown media production.

Your presence and input are requested for the following columns:

breaking news and Beiertiao leaks, editorial, art and society reviews, finance, sports, home and cooking, gossip, astrology, classifieds, weather

The editorial room will be open from 10 a.m. until late, and by the end of the evening we will hand out silkscreen copies of the edition for free distribution and posting. Come by for a short visit or stay all day —— join the press room in any of our departments: reportage, translation, graphic design and printing. Drinks and snacks will be available for break time.

Organic vegetables for break time provided by Little Donkey Farm.

7 Responses to ““北二条小报 BEIERTIAO LEAKS””

  1. escdotdot

    so sad I can’t be there to celebrate, save a copy of the paper for me. have a great launch y’all

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  4. 9/10

    read some of your blog from the beginning. Very interesting. read works by some local unknown artists. local and global. the region gathers… and the kind of twisting senteces. get inspired. Suddenly got a positive view of the word “media”. I went into the Homeshop on the opening day and had a short talk with the girl in 花棉袄. My workplace is very near to your base. Will go there this Sunday.

    Are the bloggers called b, e and other letters?

    Have you ever been to an old shop to the south of Beixinqiao Crossroad? It’s at the entrance of douban Hutong. There set many old stuff and you can almost find everything. from used gloves to a set of heavy video camera. at least for me it’s like a museum. I suggest it to a new commer in 北新桥.

  5. f

    hallo and thank you for writing, 9/10. we’re slowly starting to get to know this new neighbourhood, curious now to check out the old shop you mention, sounds intriguing… see you on sunday to share more neighbourhood tips, and some sounds, and some yummy food..!

    and yes we are b and e and a few other letters, you are numbers! :)

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