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在每一捆冥币完美的,脆新的,多彩的封皮下面隐藏着一些劣质的,粗糙印刷的冥币,这些下面的冥币的纸张也是不同的,由便宜的木浆和再生纸等劣质材料构成。观察这些冥币的背面,我们在混杂的物质间发现冥冥中的声音片断回应了我们。 看看下面的信息:

Under the first perfect, crisp, colorful face-note of every package of hell money hides a less perfect, roughly printed group of bills representing the appearance of that initial simulation. Even the paper of these under-notes is different, composed of the bits of cheap pulp-wood and recycled papers derived from the lowest level of materials. Inspecting the backs of these cheaper bills, we discovered in the mash of substances the fragments of a reincarnated voice communicating back to us.  See the message below…


“我回家的时候他站了在我们门口外面弹小号… When I came home he was playing outside of the door…

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On the fifth day of the new year we waited for him, but no one came over to invite us for dumplings… The moon represents my heart!

换一下招牌 a change of signs:

We do it every year

祝大家春节快乐!Wishing everyone a happy Spring Festival (get warmer, get warmer, get warmer)!

I recently ran into this mini project from students of FEI Jun‘s media lab at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (courtesy of NO+CH). They call them “micro-observations”, and according to the students, serve “not merely as a magnification of the thing itself, but as an enlargement of the act of noticing. ‘Micro-observations’ bring about not only a paying attention to the unnecessary, but in revisiting these objects the transformation of their semantic meaning.” Nice public intervention~

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参与艺术家 Participating artists:费俊 FEI Jun、尚钰 SHANG Yu、宋思琪 SONG Siqi、张宝珠 ZHANG Baozhu

提醒大家在北京! 还有13天跟北京市“提意见”! Reminder for everyone in Beijing! Only 13 days left to “voice your opinions”!

above: a few notes on the sidelines from 吴以楠 Sunday, 欧阳 Xiao and me… To be non-anonymous in a country of billions sounds like implication, another cruising for a bruising. Cynicism reigns, who wants to speak?  中文公告: http://zhengwu.beijing.gov.cn/gzdt/gggs/t1134433.htm

last night:The“小保安 little bodyguard”is harmonized.
today:We harvest a lot of mushrooms, and the little bodyguard escapes from the wall!


The crowd gathers as an unknown man takes initiative to help a taxi driver get his car keys out of a tree. While this is happening, the line of cars grows steadily behind his cab, which is stopped in the middle of a single-lane street. The scene lasts for approximately 10 minutes, only returning to ‘normalcy’ after the climax of a fiercely angry young man trying to block the taxi driver from driving away and finally chasing him down the street. Glorious China!

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我们今天开会之后,溜达到外面去仔细看野猫给我们留的“平面保安”。周围的人评价包括了“是你们弄的吗?”,“真吓人”,“什么意思?看不懂”以及“你听过苏打绿的歌吗?” 我们对着墙猜测它想表达的意义以及作者的目的。讨论最欢的是图像是否像曲哥。我们的“探讨”听起来很像美术馆里一些参观者的无知言论。看了这个“保安”的创造者讲了“艺术”与“行动主义”的分别,引发我们回到了一个老话题——行动主义是activism吗? 百度了一下,得到了两个回答:激进主义,行动主义。那激进导致action吗,thinking和doing的边界在哪?激进想法能存在吗?

After a morning meeting, we venture outside to take a good look at the traces left by a few rowdy rascals in the area. Commentary ranges from “Is this you guys’ doing?” to “It scared the shit out of me“, “What does that say? Not understandable” and “Have you heard Soda Green’s songs before?” Speculation about meaning, intention and whether or not the smiling figure looks like QU sound a lot like museum chatter, so it is perhaps not so irrelevant that the inside word has it to drop considerations of “art” and “activism”. Conversations meander, and a quick Baidu of activism(激进主义,行动主义) reactivates an ongoing discussion about thinking and doing. If 激进 (i thought it sounds more like ‘radical’) must also involve the act, does the 激进想法 (‘radical idea’?) exist on its own, and how close to 激进 could we be from the viewpoint of a cubicle of a well-intended NGO?

周五早上,我们在胡同里边溜边闲谈——就是这样,大家探讨一些无聊的事,也许不怎么懂,也有可能知道内幕。不时流露的独家信息和没有边际的话题让我们的对话从thinking到doing漫无目的地徘徊。最后,即兴的结果是我们的“小保安”突然长胡子了。是thinking吗? 或许doing?

Standing around and chatting in our hutong on a Friday morning looks kind of like this. Speculation on the state of affairs, not really understanding, maybe knowing the story behind the story. Tidbits of background knowledge and free association make a conversation wander aimlessly between a kind of doing and thinking, like the spontaneous outcropping of a goatee on our new bodyguard’s chin.

The Fensiting Community bulletin board announces some very important news for local residents: the Number Five United Meat Factory will be arriving to Xiaojingchang Hutong today, July 5th, from 7:00-11:00 am. If you need meat, you can come buy.

Dousing one’s patio with water helps to beat the summer heat. Brother Zheng (老二) redefines our local radius by improving upon our meagre efforts.