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Please join HomeShop on Sunday December 22nd to celebrate a dawning and a dusking.

22号晚上4点,家作坊將发布它的《附录》,把我们这几年的过程分成了43小短篇,43个过去。我们最后的作品——独立出版物《附录》,按附 录的附录价格算——也就是说,帮我们腾出空间,收一本。
From 4pm, we will launch the publication of HomeShop’s “Appendix,” a series of 43 parallel moments gathered from those who have been close to HomeShop for years, or in passing. These smallish, independently published books will be available to visitors and supporters on this evening, along with surprise attachments to take home.


腾出空间——也是一种形式的“附录”,也就是说,我们到了这个故事的尾巴。家作坊即将在2013年年底关闭,这一次没有新空间的推广,就是一次小小的回 归,回到我们来自的“公共空间”。你懂得,谁能赶得上这个城市的发展?没时间怀念,就是让你过来跟我们庆祝家作坊的2013最后几 天。不光有个机会顺走一些免费或者特价的家具和物品,你还能得到《附录》刚从印刷厂出炉的温暖。我们真的不怀念,但是这“五年(半)计划”的 历史,也可以带回家。我们真的不怀念。
And if some of you had not heard already, the Appendix is the signal that we’ve reached the end of this story. HomeShop will be closing its doors at the end of 2013, without a bigger space to advertise this time, just a cosy and quiet drifting back out into public space and the wide wide world that brought us here. You should be used to the speed of change in this city by now, so there’s no time for nostalgia, just come over and enjoy the last bits of 2013 with us. Not only will Appendix be fresh from the press, but we’ll be clearing out the space, so for sure a bit of HomeShop to take home with you—some for free, some for a bargain, and maybe, some as the little bit of history that has been HomeShop. Five (and a half) Years is a Plan gone by… (okay, maybe just a bit of nostalgia.)

  家具/办公室物品 展映和出售:

Furniture, Office/Homewares For Sale or Picking:
On View and On Sale: 22-25 December 2013, 4pm – 8pm
or e-mail lianxi@homeshop.org.cn for appointment at other times.

Thai food prepared by a new friend and leftovers from the old HomeShop kitchen archives:

22 December 2013, from 7pm onwards
Thank you to all who have come over to play!


















WaoBao! 4ever

Come one and all to HomeShop on Sunday, December 8th for WaoBao! 4ever the fourth and final WaoBao! event before HomeShop closes its doors FOREVER. Starting at 11 am WaoBao! will welcome exchanges of HOT items for tickets (to be used to exchange for other items) and commence a veritable carnival of activities. At 5 pm, an exhilarating auction will wrap up with the finest goods of the day!

NEW at WaoBao! 4ever:

There are new limits on the number of tickets given for books, clothing and CDs.

But there is a new way to earn tickets on site!

New work stations where participants can acquire tickets through short bursts of HARD WORK.

– Tell a story about your objects!

– Work on the HomeShop memorial quilt!

– Oversee the work of others!

All of these will get you EXTRA tickets!

Now with FREE “2 Tiao Art Festival”: A series of interventions by live artists making fair trade* performances, actions and art masterpieces! Value added!

basic rules and conditions:
To take part, all you need to do is bring all your unwanted goods to HomeShop on December 8th from 11 to 5pm and swap! Do keep in mind, the WaoBao! team can appraise or reject broken or damaged goods at their discretion. We are also open for participants to swap services and skills, such as language and cooking classes.  All items go on a first come, first served basis, and selected priority items will be set aside to be auctioned off at 5pm on the day.


*these artworks are not certified by any third party fair trade organization

Do we construct the city? Or does the city construct us?


On Friday 15th November at 7.30pm Concrete Flux will be hosting a screening of two short films at HomeShop. The first film, Lost Book Found (1996), directed by Jem Cohen, takes a ‘Flaneurist’ approach to a detective film. But its focus, rather than on the who- and how-dunnit, is on the materiality of the city itself, in its monumental glory and its grimy filth, and in the power of its all-encompassing spatial configuration.

The second film, La Ballon Rouge (Albert Lamorrise, 1956) is a short film about a whimsical path through 1950s Paris. The direction of this path, though led by the floating of a balloon, brings into question the power of institutions over the city and us.

Simon Zhou, Arts and Film Editor at Time Out Beijing, will be providing an introductory talk to both films, which will form a basis for discussion on the experience of urbanity.

The event will also include the announcement of the theme for Concrete Flux Issue 2.

The event will be English only, although a printed Chinese transcript of Simon’s speech will be available.

Join us this weekend for a marathon morning-after satellite screening of the Creative Time Summit 2013, co-hosted by HomeShop and
Arrow Factory

See more about the Creative Time Summit here!

See below for detailed information and screening schedules for the lineup!






图片/image: Jeronimo Voss


19:00—> 2013年10月19日

继今年四月对空间模式的热烈讨论之后,家作坊现在推出下一个议题:艺术家在北京(但不仅限于北京) 组织自己的“工作-生活”的不同方式。

  • 生活工作在阿姆斯特丹的Maja Bekan 和 Angela Serino目前是北京IFP(Institute for Provocation)的驻地艺术家,她们的项目是“行动中的身体:文化工作者的未来会是怎样?”
    Maja Bekan是一名行为和视觉艺术家。她是艺术家鹿特丹艺术组织“论辩与艺术区”(ADA,Area for Debate and Art)的发起人与策划者。
    Angela Serino是生活工作在阿姆斯特丹的意大利策展人和作家,自2010年起出任荷兰艺术机构Kunsthuis SYB的项目策划委员会委员。
  • 方璐是一位生活和工作在北京的录像艺术家、录像局的发起人之一。录像局是设在北京和广州的独立录像档案资源库,主要致力于为录像艺术提供展览,组织和存档的平台。
  • 来自德国的访问艺术家Jeronimo Voss是艺术工作者联盟(Art Workers Coalition)的组织者之一。艺术工作者联盟主要研究职业艺术工作者的政治和组织可能性及其与其它社会运动之间更为广泛的联系,如他们的项目Philosophicum就以法兰克福住房短缺问题入手,向政府提议将一个废弃的大学校园建成住房合作社。
  • 在北京工作和生活的艺术家吴玉仁通过自己的装置与摄影作品阐释权力结构及其对个体的影响。2010年,吴先生参与组织了包括多名艺术家与当地民众在内的抵抗强拆活动。

Surviving Art

7:00 pm—> October 19th, 2013

In a followup to our lively discussion on different models of “spaces” in April, HomeShop hosts a discussion on the ways that artists organize their working lives, in Beijing and beyond.

In China (and elsewhere), while artistic work has often meant self-employment and being one’s own boss, it has not always translated as “self-determination.” We start this discussion from a common inquiry that unites a variety of positions: what structures can we create to endow our work with a little more stability?


  • Amsterdam based Maja Bekan and Angela Serino are currently in residence at IFP in Beijing working on the project “BODIES AT WORK: What is the future of the cultural worker?”
    Maja Bekan is a performance and visual artist. She is a co-founder and developer of the Rotterdam based artists’ initiative ADA, Area for Debate and Art.
    Angela Serino is an independent curator and writer based in Amsterdam (NL). She is member of the Programming Committee of Kunsthuis SYB, artists in residency devoted to research, experimentation and new collaboration, and co-initiator of noalanguageschool, icw artist M.Al Solh.
  • Fang Lu is a Beijing-based artist working primarily in video. She is co-founder of Video Bureau, an independent video archive resource in Beijing and Guangzhou that aims to provide a platform to exhibit, organize and archive video art.
  • Visiting from Frankfurt, Germany, artist Jeronimo Voss talks about his experiences with artist self organization in Frankfurt am Main. Jeronimo will talk about new urban development plans in Frankfurt, Germany as well as ways of dealing with it, both artistically and on a self-organized daily life basis.
  • Beijing-based artist Wu Yuren represents power structures and their effects on individuals in his installations and photography. In 2010 Wu and a group of artists and residents in northeastern Beijing were involved in resistance against evictions.


我们邀请到 Alessandro Rolandi(李山) 作为嘉宾,他将选用农夫市集的食材为大家烹饪意大利烩饭。作为交换,他会请客人在中国老式糖果包装纸上写上“一个消息到西部”,这些糖果将在今年年底在罗马展出。


On Sunday October 13th, from 11:00 to 16:00 at Sanyuan Qiao Phoenix City (See the Map), HomeShop will hold its fifth edition of True and False as part of the Beijing Farmers’ Market and Country Fair.

Our guest is Alessandro Rolandi, who will be offering visitors tastes of his Italian risotto c0oked on-site using materials available in the market. In exchange, he will ask visitors to write their “Message to the West” on vintage Chinese candy wrappers that will be distributed with candy to gallery-goers at Gallery Apart, Rome, as part of the group show ‘Subterfuge’, opening January 18th 2014.


一个来自巴勒斯坦(Saadah Saadah)和2名以色列人(Nir Horovitz and Ma’ayan Galim),一起结烹饪从他们的家园的晚餐合食物。
RSVP lianxi@homeshop.org.cn!

Serendipity Dinner
For HomeShop’s public dinner at 7 pm on Friday October 11th, HomeShop hosts a number of serendipitous friends.
For our pleasure, a Palestinian (Saadah Saadah) and 2 Israelis (Nir Horovitz and Ma’ayan Galim) cook a dinner together combining foods from their homelands. They have never met.
They will give brief presentations.
There may be a special dance performance. Only attendees will find out!
30元, max 30 people
RSVP at lianxi@homeshop.org.cn!!



On Thursday October 3rd, from 11:00 to 16:00 at INDIGO mall, HomeShop will hold its fourth edition of True and False as part of the Beijing Farmers’ Market and Country Fair.

Our guest is the Beijing-based Diao Dui Collective, who will be producing a version of their juice-work 卖权猫——千万饮料 (mai quan mao). Please come and try!

真和假第三期 True and False 3
HomeShop @ Beijing Farmers’ Market



我们的嘉宾是维他命艺术空间”这个店“。本期为北京有机农夫市集三周年庆典活动。北京有机农夫市集的前身是市集,2010年9月18日, 市集于2010年夏季维他命艺术空间所在地首次举办。

请点击http://www.flickr.com/photos/64090761@N03 查阅Country Fair早期图片。

On Friday September 20th, from 11:00 to 16:00 at INDIGO mall, HomeShop will hold its third edition of True and False as part of the Beijing Farmers’ Market and Country Fair.

Our guest is Vitamin Creative Space’s the Shop. This edition of “True and False” marks the third anniversary of the Beijing Farmers Market, which began as the Country Fair at Vitamin Creative Space’s summer 2010 location in Caochangdi on September 18th, 2010. You are welcome to join the celebration!

More images of Country Fair’s beginnings: http://www.flickr.com/photos/64090761@N03

About the Shop:

the shop 这个店

4, “这个店”作为展览,作为生活哲学的现实界面,将是一个寄生在公共空间的小公共区域,更直接地促成创造行为和日常生活关系的转化;并揭示在非机构性的空间内一种新的创作形态;
5,“这个店”的形态会因不同创作者的加入而产生变化,展示的作品也将发生演变, 并随展出情境的变化而变化。

1. the shop will take the form of a “shop” within public space;
2. the shop will exhibit pieces inspired by individual experience, made by emerging Chinese artists, fashion designers and various young creators, and can all be used in daily life.
Through viewing and using these objects, viewers will be able to experience the signals for “thought” and “action” that this space emanates.
3. Aside from viewing the “products”, one can also purchase them, the shop thus transforms the shopping process into a new mode of communication.
4. As an exhibition, the shop presents a tangible interface of the philosophy of life. It will generate a non-hierarchical medium within the public space, for people to experience and re-discover life’s energy;
5. The physical form of the shop and the works presented will evolve depending on the participating artists and circumstances surrounding the exhibition;
6, the shop attempts to dissolve the separation between subject and object, hence further stimulating the integration between life and art. It allows for personal approaches to the pursuit for and realisation of a “better life” in our times.

See more:

《流泥》第一期将在9月13日在线亮相—我的亲啊!为庆祝该盛事,我们将在9月14日晚7至9点在家作坊举行一场pecha kucha风格的研讨会。会中将有六个短讨论环节,每个环节都将伴有投影片,时长不会超过7分钟。讨论课题将由《流泥》的参与者与我们的朋友们决定。




Issue 1 of Concrete Flux will be published online on the evening of Friday 13th September–ominous! To celebrate the publication of the first issue, we will be holding an evening of ‘pecha kucha’ style talks, punctuated by questions and discussion, on Saturday 14th from 7-9 pm at HomeShop. There will be six such short talks, each of no more than 7 minutes and each accompanied by a slideshow. The talks will be from our contributors and people from the broader Concrete Flux community.

We hope that a lively discussion will spill over in to a local bar afterwards and continue into the wee small hours.

The topics and themes raised during the event’s discussions will go on to inform our choice of theme for the next issue of the Concrete Flux journal. Your presence and input are valued!


Special note:
To introduce what Concrete flux aims to promote, we wanted to start off with a participatory project to encourage exploration within the city. So we created a sound-based participatory event and installation, Audio Archaeology 声音考古学. The event starts soon–in just under a month!–and we are seeking some help with covering the costs of the required materials from friends, family and anyone with an interest in what we are doing.

Please have a read through the full description of our project here http://www.kapipal.com/audio_archaeology and consider contributing any amount from £1.50 upwards. There are also goodies available for larger contributions!

Thank you! And please help to spread the word!